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Publisher: the Biotechnology, Pharaceutical, Life-Science, and Health Care
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BioPortfolio – the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, diagnostic and life science portal.

BioPortfolio is a leading news, information and knowledge resource covering the global life science industries impacted on by biotechnology. The site aims to provide the lay person, the researcher and the management executive with a single location to source core information on specific bio-related topics, to collate relevant data associated with each topic and to point the user to relevant knowledge resources.


We publish up to the minute news and regularly update content across our information resources - research papers, clinical trials, drugs and corporate databases. BioPortfolio also promotes and sells market research and management reports from 30+ publishers - www.bioportfolio.net.

BioPortfolio By The Numbers:

500,000 page views per month
270,000 unique visitors per month
1,000's of press releases posted daily
40,000+ companies

Why is BioPortfolio Doing This?

When the BioPortfolio site was launched in February 1997 the company aimed to provide a global free-to-use resource with defined aims and mission statement:

"to meet the increasing demand of consumers, scientists, investors, commerce and government for timely, accurate and commercially useful information and intelligence on biotechnology companies, technologies and products world-wide."

Driven by the success of the site we have made major investments and improvements to enhance our content and to apply the latest web technologies to improve functionality and site utility.

We believe our unique depth and breadth of content is supporting individuals, organizations and policy-makers to become more aware of the role of biotechnology on the global economy. With 97,000 users visiting the site more than once per month we are confident that we are providing information our users need.

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    Publisher: the Biotechnology, Pharaceutical, Life-Science, and Health Care
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    BioPortfolio is one of the most popular websites in the life-science and healthcare industry space with over 10,000 unique visitors per day. BioPortfolio’s website offers advertising opportunities targeting scientists, healthcare and biotech professionals and patients.
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