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    First off, thanks to all the people who have visited the site and made it such a success in the days that it has been live. It is this success that has spurred us to open an avenue for startups and the big shots alike to advertise on our site. When you advertise on www.bizideas4all.com you can be rest assured that your advertisement will hit home the message to thousands of visitors across the world. It is the quality of the content that visitors from different countries are joining in on the phenomenon. We have the following options for you Single Site Ad 1000 pm Combo Pack (per 3 sites Bizideas, EnchantMag & Notes4success) 2000 pm (Not available Presently) If you opt for a yearly option, you pay Rs. 9600 and get a straight 20% discount. If you want to opt for a half yearly option, you pay 10800 and get 10% discount. In the future, we will keep adding newer sites to the portfolio and pass the advantage to you our valued advertisers
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