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Hello friends! My name is Dmitry Zhilin.

I live in Moscow, but I am from the Urals. The capital of our country has not always been my home, I was born in the Sverdlovsk region, in a small town - Artemovsk.

In 2003 he graduated with honors from the Ural State University of Railway Transport , specialty "Automation, Remote Control and Communication."

Among my relatives and businessmen, especially the oligarchs it was not, so I have started to work in the learning process. Student work is varied and ever engaged in night studding of winter tires for cars and trucks and cars pulling of cables. From the fourth year on a regular basis, I worked as an electrician.

After graduation, the standard career began on the railroad - engineer, foreman, section chief. After that, the post of Deputy Director-General in the scientific production association ( "AT Trans" NGOs). Then I met my first book on financial literacy - "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki , which radically changed my life. I realized that even I have a huge salary, I'll never be free, never be able to completely dispose of his time, which was contrary to my aspirations in life.

Since then, I began to actively explore the topic of financial literacy and business, took more than a dozen training sessions, I read a lot of books. Although not immediately, but it has brought positive results.

Since 2007, engaged in investment , both portfolio (mutual funds, precious metals, savings insurance, bank deposits), and independently of trades on the stock market of the Russian Federation . In 2010, my wife and I took the 5 prizes in tournaments investment.

Since 2008, I began to explore the Internet, since my main occupation - is the creation and promotion of sites ( order here ). This blog was born in early 2009, at a time when I was first paid for online training business.

In 2010, the income from my online projects exceeded my salary at work, requiring much less time, so in April 2010 I do not work for hire. From my own experience earnings on the blog in late 2010, I released a training "Online Turnkey Business" by which anyone can receive in a year more than $ 1,000 of passive income from online business. The training is relevant to the present day, there was only a series of nuances associated with the promotion.

My wife and I really love to travel, and now we can afford to travel at any time of the year and has already visited more than 10 different countries (Spain, Italy, France, Andorra, Monaco, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Latvia).

After some time, on the revenue from the Internet business, my wife opened the hedgehog one business, this time in the real world - the tourist company "Travel Bureau" Thousand Desk " , which made ​​it possible to stop working for hire and it is also. My experience of doing business on the Internet has helped to add to the normal operation of our agency is also the Internet.

The plans for the next 10 years to enter the total income from the businesses in the $ 100 000 per month, and for 20 years to create assets worth $ 1 billion. I know it sounds impossible :).

In addition, my wife and I are engaged in charity work, helping children in need through the "Fund Give Life " - can join.

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