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B2B Multi-Channel Marketing: Business Audience Marketing
Desktop Display, Social, Desktop Video

Bizo's data management and targeting technology, fueled by a proprietary audience of more than 90% of the U.S. business population, enables precise and measurable B2B display and social advertising programs.

The company has earned the confidence of more than 750 SMB marketers and large global brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use the platform to reach over 120 million business professionals from around the world to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnel.

  • Company Name:
  • Parent Company Name:
  • Headquarters:
    225 Bush St. Suite 1150, West Lobby San Francisco, CA 94104 United States of America
  • Office Locations:
    HQ: San Francisco. Also: New York, Boston.
  • 51-200 employees
  • Desktop Display
    • Brand Integrations
      Yes No
    • Sponsored Posts
      Yes No
    • Native Ads
      Yes No
    • High-Impact (Takeovers, Billboards, Overlays, Sliders, Skins)
      Yes No
    • Rich Media (Expandable & Non-Expandable)
      Yes No
  • Social
  • Desktop Video
    • In-Banner Video
      Yes No
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Video Companion Ad
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Key Differentiator
    The ability to target display and social ads to precise business audiences online, using Bizo's proprietary data on over 120 million professionals worldwide, representing 90% of the U.S. business population.
  • Owned / Operated Properties
  • Targeting

    Anonymous Business Demographic data:

    - Job Function (e.g. Finance, HR, I.T.)

    - Industry (e.g. Software, Healthcare, Manufacturing)

    - Seniority (e.g. Board members, Executives, Non-management)

    - Company Size (e.g. F500 through Micro)

    - Location (e.g. State, DMA)

    - Company Name

  • Data Partners
    Thousands, LiveRamp
  • Ad Verification / Brand Safety / Measurement / Viewability Partners
    AdXpose, Proximic Brand Safety, AppNexus
  • Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving / Rich Media Vendors
    Sizmek -
  • Mobile App Install Tracking Partners
Site Traffic
  • 6582970 Global Rank
  • 1917072
    United States
  • 3.37k Estimated Visits
Traffic Sources
  • Search
  • Direct
  • Mail
  • Social
  • Referrals
  • Display
Geography Breakdown
  • United States
  • Lesotho
  • Poland
  • France
  • Japan
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5 out of 5 stars
Online Marketing Manager
Oct 21, 2014
United States, Portland, Oregon
B2B targeting and data
I ran a campaign with Bizo in 2013 and it did very well relative to my other ad networks, with it's B2B focused targeting. It also provided some good analytics about my audience (campaign was in the Enterprise SaaS space, lead gen for a Trial campaign).
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