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    Why Should You Work With Us? A mom of 7 little blessings, Angie blogs about life with a large family. She shares parenting tips and posts about the products that help make life just a little easier. Blessed Beyond Words was formerly known as 5 Vinez Monkeys. However, with the impending birth of a 6th little monkey, Angie felt it was time to acknowledge his presence and select a name that fits the entire family… and one that readers can actually pronounce. In December of 2010, 5 Vinez Monkeys became Blessed Beyond Words. This blog is seeing a consistent increase in stats, visitors, and popularity. What started as a way to keep family far away updated on pregnancy number 5 has become so much more. Readers trust and value Angie’s opinions as a mom that has “been there, done that.” As a mother of 7, readers are attracted to us to find tips and tricks on living with large families. They trust our opinion because we strive to give them helpful, honest, and detailed reviews of products. Our readers are women, mothers, and grandmothers in a variety of ages. The largest age group of our visitors is from 30 – 40. Many of the women who visit our blog have 3 or more children and the children’s ages range from infant to teen. They are looking for products to help them improve time management. These are very busy women! Our Stats Each number is a monthly average that varies, but continues to grow each month. * Unique Visitors: 5,500 – 6,500 * Page Views: 8,000 – 8,500 * Feed subscribers*: 1,571 * Email subscribers: 683 * Klout Score: 54 * Google Page Rank: 3 * Alexa Rank: 101,707 * Alexa US Rank: 26,980 * Technorati Authority: 103 * Technorati Rank: 21,728 * Avg Visitor Length: 3 – 5 minutes * Twitter Followers: 13,929 * Facebook Friends: 5,104 * Facebook Fans: 1,893 *as determined by Feedburner, does not include other feed subscription services Product Reviews & Giveaways Please DO NOT contact me if you are not willing to acknowledge that I have a large family. I will not participate in campaigns where I am required to purchase additional tickets for my other children. To have your product(s) or service tested and thoroughly reviewed by the family behind Blessed Beyond Words, a non-returnable sample must be provided in order to give readers an accurate and honest review. We are extremely thorough in our reviews and will put each product to the test. Our reviews are descriptive, and are never done on a whim. The family members we have available for reviewing includes: 35 yr. old female, 32 year old male, 16 year old female, 10 year old male, 9 year old male, 7 year old female, a 5 year old male, a 2 year old male, and a baby girl born February 1, 2013. Reviews will feature detailed usage by the family and/or myself, and may include digital photographs and/or video. We will also include a company profile, keyword anchored product links, product improvement suggestions (if any), purchasing information. Regarding Giveaways: Giveaways & Contests are an excellent way to have your product noticed by thousands of potential buyers. They will direct traffic to your website as entrants are required to visit your website and comment on your product. Giveaways are a big deal on Blessed Beyond Words, and tend to generate lots of comments. Most giveaway posts average between 600 – 1,000 entries, and sometimes more. People love to win, and we make sure your business is the focus of every giveaway we host. At this time, there is NO COST for sponsoring a review and/or giveaway on Blessed Beyond Words. Contact Angie today to have Blessed Beyond Words host your review or giveaway. Please note: FTC Guidelines for Bloggers will be followed. Each review and giveaway post will have a clear disclaimer at the top of the post stating exactly what was given to the blog author in exchange for the post. Monetary compensation to “boost” my review will NOT be accepted. Angie Vinez, authorContact Angie Vinez Today: www.blessedbeyondwords.com Email: angie@blessedbeyondwords.com Phone: (706) 994-3467 Twitter: http://twitter.com/angievinez Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BlessedBeyondWordsBlog LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/angievinez Advertising & Sponsorship Options Want to see your button on our sidebar? (Please note: Links will be NO FOLLOW as per Google’s terms of service.) Purchase options are available at the following rates: Standard Sponsorship: (to be placed at an agreed upon location set forth at time of payment) 1 month – $25 3 months – $65 6 months – $115 1 year – $200 Top Sponsorship: (always above the fold) 1 month – $45 3 months – $115 6 months – $220 1 year – $350 Lifetime Sponsorship – $475 (always above the fold) *Prices are the same for text links or banners. Each additional text link or banner is 1/2 the cost of the first. Payment Types Accepted: ~ Paypal (angievinez{at}gmail{dot}com – all major credit cards accepted) ~ Credit Card via Google Checkout ~ Gift Certificates (Amazon, Visa, AmEx, Walmart, Target, etc.) ~ Check (Subject to holding period) ~ Money Order *Payment must be received prior to placement. Read more at http://blessedbeyondwords.com/pr-welcome/media-kit/#fWsYFcbMdIVvheWV.99
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