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    Publisher: Blogging Over Thyme » Food, Photography, Life
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    About My name is Laura Davidson and welcome to my blog! profile A little more than four years ago, I was living at home with my parents after graduating college, cramming for the GRE, and preparing myself for nursing school. That is…until I started a part-time job working for Sweetbites Desserts, a popular DC food truck. Two weeks after starting the job, I became the head baker and was soon whipping up and decorating between 20-50 dozen cupcakes (and other baked goods) daily. It was definitely a learning experience and I have a few burns and scars to prove it! For the first time ever, I actually looked forward to work! I loved working independently, being busy constantly, and finally putting my creativity and passion for food to use. I distinctly remember telling a friend of mine within the first week on the job, “I would do this for free!” Call me delusional, but that was my honest opinion. Yes, I was clearly in the honeymoon period. But I was excited to talk about work, significantly happier with life, and it just felt right. Outside of work, everything I was doing revolved around a common theme–food. All my energy was spent either working on this blog {which I started in August 2010}, testing a new recipe for the bakery, cooking at home for family and friends, talking about food, or reading cookbooks. Looking back, I’m confident the universe was trying to tell me to wake up and smell the cocoa! Finally, one night while out at dinner, everything began to click and I finally began listening to my gut. I no longer wanted to become a nurse. Though not easy, I started the long process of telling all my family and friends about my change in plans. It was overwhelming and nerve wracking at times—I shed lots of tears, but gave many more sighs of relief. After much deliberation (a few set-backs) and careful consideration, I decided that what I really wanted to do was attend culinary school and pursue a career related, in some way or the other, to food. So that is exactly what I did… I graduated with honors from L’Academie de Cuisine in December 2012. This blog is where I share my favorite recipes, adventures in the kitchen, and give you little sneak peeks into my food-filled life! Want more? Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram! You can also sign up to receive new posts by email or through RSS feed.
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