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Bluecava (Qualia)
Demand Side Platform & Data Provider: Cross-Screen Audience Association
Desktop Display, Mobile Display

BlueCava is a fast growing provider of cross screen reach, targeting and measurement products for brands, advertisers, data companies and adtech players. Today BlueCava is growing extensively, with new products, people, clients and funding. Based in Irvine, California and New York City, the company has an exciting, creative culture, a smart team and a true passion for results.

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    131 Innovation Drive Suite 250 Irvine, CA 92617 United States
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    California, New York
  • 11-50 employees
  • Desktop Display
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  • Desktop Display, Mobile Display
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  • Ad Technology Provider, Demand Side Platform, Other, Retargeting
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    Demand Side Platform & Data Provider: Cross-Screen Audience Association
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    Your ONE true audience, on every screen As a leading agency, you’re on the cutting edge of the latest digital trends, specifically cross-screen advertising. You have your display campaigns, e-mail and CRM efforts, and even mobile in-app campaigns. Unfortunately, every channel results in a new, siloed audience, and the number of vendors required to execute the media buys alone is mind-boggling. It’s unclear which three letter acronym is the best, yet somehow you’re paying for them all. We think it should be easier. Your entire audience should be available with the data you need in one place, at any time, and on any screen. And you should be able to plug it into your existing infrastructure and buying efforts. To be a successful cross-screen marketer, you need: The ability to recognize the same device over time, without the limitations of cookies, or limits of 3rd party identifiers. The ability to associate related devices belonging to the same consumer and household, enabling cross-screen. The ability to manage data effectively and securely across all devices. The ability to deploy campaign efforts across a variety of vendors. BlueCava provides a powerful and flexible Audience Association Platform that serves to aggregate and organize an audience across all channels and platforms. The platform associates multiple devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) to a consumer, and multiple consumers to a household. The platform also has a robust data management and data distribution capability, allowing consumer and household data to be leveraged across associations and in a variety of use cases. Once your cross-screen audience is established, it can be utilized for a variety of applications, including: Cross-Screen Measurement Brands and Agencies Digital Marketing Reality CheckMeasure campaign performance at the consumer and household level, inclusive of all device types Establish true reach and frequency for consumers using many devices Understand 2nd and 3rd screen conversion events, combined with multi-channel attribution modeling Full measurement and attribution reporting available, or raw data export Cross-Screen Targeting Retarget existing members of an audience across various screens Access to new screens for an existing audience as more devices become available Access to new audience members across multiple screens based on established audience profiles Platform provides common transactable IDs and synchronization capability for targeting through your preferred DSP or trading desk
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Bill Varga
Greater Boston Area
CRO - Sales, Marketing, Business Development at BlueCava
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