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Brown Leaders Artistically Cultivating Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K)
The BLACK Media | Celebrity, Entertainment & News Publication: ReDefining OUR Image
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    The BLACK Media | Celebrity, Entertainment & News Publication: ReDefining OUR Image
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    No Lies, No Gossip, No Negativity, No Fight Videos, No Slander, No Rumors, Only Positive Posts, Posts That Will Get You To Think, And of course all things in B.L.A.C.K Entertainment! This is….TheBLACKMedia.org! B.L.A.C.K is an acronym created under the hopes of one day becoming more then just a title. Brown Leaders Artistically Cultivating Knowledge is something people of colour are rooted in. It’s natural to us. TheBLACKMedia.org was created to positively show the heavy influence Afrikans, and many of the diaspora have on the World through Entertainment. In lieu of complaining that there are no Entertainment (Blog) Sites that show people of colour respectfully, un-ratchet, and the way we should be seen concerning our image, instead of the consistent bashing, mis-representation, and awful headlines that continue to help oppress us TheBLACKMedia.org was created. Many are unaware of their own ancestry as it pertains to today and many are ignorant to the greatness and power of a Brown Individual, here you will learn about yourself, and you will learn just how accepting, open, beautiful, loving, kind, intelligent, and innovative people of colour are! The B.L.A.C.K Media will highlight and uplift Brown Women and Men, and all cultures, exclusively of the Afrikan Diaspora. Instead of running the easy gossip story for clicks and likes, TheBLACKMedia.org will run stories that matter, using a different angle to promote each post so that whomever we write about has balance in the world wide web full of disgust. A side that many have overlooked, and misunderstood. We are more then our stereotypes, skin colour, past, and gossip. Here you will find just how wonderful it is to be B.L.A.C.K
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