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Publisher: Brownie Bites | Tales, Trips, Tastes, and Tinkers |
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    Publisher: Brownie Bites | Tales, Trips, Tastes, and Tinkers |
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    The People Behind the Screen I am Erin, and that fella up there is my sweetie pie, Matt. We live in Knoxville, Tennessee, just down the block from The Great Smoky Mountains. This here is our little personal corner of the internet where we dump our photos and stories of our travels, our cute pups, recipes and food products that we love, and our day-to-day experiences. We hope you’ll stop and stay awhile. We promise we won’t bite… too hard. These rascals are Dexter (L) and Dewey (R). They are Pembroke Welsh Corgis and we love the everlasting snot out of them. Be prepared for thousands of pictures and stories about them. We can’t help ourselves. The thought of writing out one of these “about us” thingies and actually saying everything there is to say about us is a rather daunting task. Instead, I’ll just make a list. Made up of short sentences. I like short sentences. I also like lists. Anywho.. We love to cook. We love good food. We love being active. We love being lazy. We love taking photos. We love technology. We love being nerdy. We love vacations. We love hiking. We love DIY. We love movies. We love being silly. We love our dogs… a lot. I’m left-handed. I love to read. I love trashy reality TV. I love science. I love space. I love sunshine. He’s right-handed. He loves baseball. He loves soccer. He loves travel. He loves Japan. He loves video games. He loves LEGO. This is our life. These are our photos. This is our world. Apologies in advance.
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