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Publisher: Broadband Technology Report - Technology News for Broadband Providers, Interactive TV and Broadband Services
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Broadband was founded in 2000 as a technical focused business development partner for the Nordic and Baltic electronics market. Since November 2015 Broadband is part of CODICO, www.codico.com. We focus on sales and support of a few carefully selected manufacturers of electronic components. With our deep technical understanding and engagement we help our customers from idea to ready product.

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    Publisher: Broadband Technology Report - Technology News for Broadband Providers, Interactive TV and Broadband Services
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    Broadband Technology Report’s editorial mission is simple: We cover the latest tools, techniques and approaches that broadband pros must know about as they face the many challenges in today’s hyper-competitive environment. If it is important to cable engineers and technology pros, it’s important to BTR. Through our continuously updated website and weekly e-newsletters, BTR offers a comprehensive overview of the newest products and solutions. BTR also provides a platform for the top engineering experts. These pros use that platform to present invaluable commentary on network reliability, adaptive bitrate streaming, fleet management, cellular back haul, commercial services and a long list of other issues that, cumulatively, spell success or failure for operators And in 2014, our Diamond Technology Reviews will celebrate its 10th year as the industry’s most prestigious product review program. This recognition program is a much-coveted platform for entrants and judges alike. Vendors submit applications and have their products, software or solutions reviewed by an independent and elite team of technical experts. The reviews are announced in the fall and showcased prominently throughout SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo.
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Ernesto Burden
Group Publisher
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Account Executive
Tim Hermes
Founder & Publisher
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