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Business Know-How provides business ideas, information, resources and advice for small business and home business. Find free information about starting a business, marketing, managing, financing and growing small businesses. Locate resources to run and grow your business

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    Publisher: Small Business Strategies & Ideas That Work | Business Know-How ®
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    Advertising Opportunities On Business Know-How Small Business, Franchise, and Career Sites Rate Card Thank you for your interest in advertising with Business Know-How®. Minimum Spend for Banner Advertising Please note: Business Know-How currently has a $1000/ month minimum spend requirement for banner and newsletter advertising. We accept franchise advertising, but we do not accept business opportunity ads. Some general information about Business Know-How follows. Business Know-How consists of several web sites and newsletters with a common goal to provide tips, hints, facts and resources to help home business and small business owners start, run, manage and grow their businesses. Business Know-How is widely known from having been featured on America Online's proprietary service from 1990 until June 2001. In addition, the site's founder, Janet Attard, is a respected small and home business authority and author of several small business books. She is frequently quoted by the press. Our main site, Businessknowhow.com, is an award-winning site that contains feature articles, blogs, how-to and advice columns and a forum. We also produce a career site (Careerknowhow.com). Audience Our audience for Business Know-How consists of small and home businesses owners and business managers who have full-time jobs and work part-time as consultants, or other businesses. According to various surveys we've run, more than half are over 40 years old, more than half have been in business more than 4 years, and the male/female split is about 50/50. The site also attracts human resources managers, since we sell a line of HR compliance products. The businesses BusinessKnowHow.com serves run the gamut from web developers and computer consultants to auto detail shops, independent accountants, sole practitioner and small office attorneys, beauty salons, trucking companies, retailers, small manufacturers, internet businesses, and office support (secretarial service) businesses. Our Careerknowhow.com site is targeted at people who want to get ahead in their careers. . What visitors say Here, from some recent, unsolicited testimonials, is what our visitors have to say about Business Know-How: Enjoy getting your updates. Well-written articles, very informative, and very supportive to all of us who "swim in the daily soup". Kyle DeLoach ----------------- Janet: Your magazine is always guiding me. Next week I am going to have a booth at an Austin, Tx show. So your article on Shows was perfect, just on time for me, like a check list. Susanna Torres ----------------------- I am thankful for a site like this and I will positively be visiting it often. Thank you ~ Charm ---------------------- I truly look forward to reading your excellent and highly relevant and informative "Business Know How" e-mails. Keep them coming, I learn so much from them. - Rita E. Acuna I’ve got to tell you……of all the many newsletters I receive, some of which I don’t even open and read, I get more out of yours than anyone else’s. - Jeff Unique Users and Page Views The statistics for the sites are as follows. It should be noted that there is probably some overlap in usage between the sites. Site visitors/month page views/per month Business Know How (.com and .net together) ~ 250,000 350,000 - 400,000 CareerKnowHow.com 8,000 20,000 Newsletters The main newsletter is Business Know-How, which has ~30,000+ opt-in subscribers. The list for this newsletter is mailed to twice a week -usually on Tuesday and Thursday. The newsletter is sent in html format with a text-only version for those who can't read html email. Types of Advertising Available Advertising opportunities on Business Know-How include banners on our web site (various standard industry sizes); and text ads in our newsletters. Sponsorships and sponsored content. These are arranged on a case by case basis and can range from the presence of a sponsorship button on an ongoing basis to sponsored content. Sponsored content can be either something the advertiser creates, or that we create .If you are interested in sponsoring our site, please contact us with information about the type of product or service you offer and the type of relationship you are looking for. Advertising Rates Banner Type Cost Discounts available for payment in advance Discount available for multiple insertions in newsletter. Visitors to our site come here for the content, so many of them read to the end of an article. So bottom ads to get seen. Rectangle – 300 x 250 $25 to $50 CPM, depending on the channel and placement (call for info) 728 x 90 Leaderboard top of page $15 CPM 120 x 600 Skyscraper $15 CPM 125 x 125 ; 90 x 120 or 125 x 180 wide - right side, above fold $10CPM 468 x 60 bottom of page $5 CPM Newsletter- inserted in the top ad spot in our regular Business Know-How newsletter (button size graphic plus text) $10 CPM payable in advance. - subject to availability Banner Ad campaign plus newsletter ads Contact us for special discount Sponsorships & Sponsored content Contact us Note: CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions To place an ad, please send email to Janet Attard or call us at 631-467-8883 during east coast business hours.
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