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    Hi there! I’m Megan, and this is C’mon Get Crafty – a hodge podge of all things crafty. I’m one of those crazy DIYers who can’t pass a clearance aisle without wondering what repurposed possibilities it might hold. I love to share my triumphs and do-overs, and nothing is sacred! Kids crafts, home decor, card making, you name it! I’m blissfully married to a serial gamer and proud mama of one precocious four year old and his new baby brother. I love to read, watch movies, play games, watch football, and enjoy a glass of wine or five with some great friends around a firepit. I started this blog because I have many loves…obviously my adorable sons, wonderful hubby, and beloved assorted family are first in that list. =) But another big one is crafting, in all manner of ways. Yet another is writing, and they always say you should write about what you love – which brings us back to crafting! Since the invention of Pinterest, many a person has been sucked into hours of time-killing, frantic pinning of all the most amazing DIY projects ever – and just as many people blog about their attempts, successes, and failures. So I decided to join them! I hope to share with you all the wacky and weird ideas I try, and also share fun tips and tricks I pick up. I follow a LOT of wonderfully creative people, and I love to see what people are making. I used to primarily like to make cards, but thanks to Pinterest and its heroin-like addictive quality, I’ve been branching out and exploring other projects, from sketches and paintings to furniture rehabs and makeovers. I love to read and watch movies, but since reading isn’t conducive to crafting, you can bet I’ve got a great film running in the background as I hot glue this or emboss that. Feel free to check in with my ongoing list of “Films to Craft By” on my Film Reel, and keep an eye out for quotes and references along the way – I can’t seem to help myself! So let’s roll film and get crafty! :)
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