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Publisher: c2clive | c2c live | Education News Portal from Hyderabad | C2Clive.com
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    Publisher: c2clive | c2c live | Education News Portal from Hyderabad | C2Clive.com
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    MISSION: Are you a mentor to Management & Tech students of Andhra Pradesh & world through helping them through online an achieve their dreams? We at classroom2campus (c2clive.com) are very proud to offer exceptional, well-structured and comprehensive study material from well known Faculty around the world and info about campus in AP to eng aspirants and parental community, so they can build a bright future for themselves. We want to provide a platform through online for Tech.students 2 Management 2 Faculty, where they can interact online and become familiar themselves via TEXT, IMEGE, AUDIO & VIDEO format. Places where students can share information and network with their professor's and Management stay up-to-date on all the academic information to do with their courses. What's more, when you participate in our QUIZ and earn cash credits. VISION: We wanted to provide a service that really cut out the pre-sem exam scramble to procure good study material for Management & Tech.students. Now all the student community has to do get online and avail of the best study material, straight from the lecturer’s CLASSROOM (via.TEXT, AUDIO & VIDEO) also, there is such a shortage of good testing materials to gauge eng.students’ preparation levels and help them familiarize themselves with the computer testing format before they go in to write the real exam that is administered on the computer. Too many bright students have lost marks because they weren’t comfortable with using the computer during the test. Now, you have tests that replicate the difficulty level and the test format of the actual exam at the click of a mouse on this web portal! Using our online tests can be a tremendous source of confidence for students and a great way to dispel pre-exam jitters while also helping you get familiar with using the computer and the testing format when the actual test-date rolls around. WHAT DOES c2clive.com HAVE TO FOR MANAGEMENT & ENGSTUDENTS: • Detailed study material as per the syllabus, made by the best lecturers of your CAMPUS so you can literally pick their brains and do really well! We provide the best study material, straight from the Faculty CLASSROOM to your computer screen! FOR MANAGEMENT & ENG.ASPIRANTS: # All CET examination papers of the past 10 years as well as their solutions. # detailed info on available college campus in and around Andhra Pradesh.
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