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Publisher: Café Terra — Come on in, Have a seat, *All animals welcome!*
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Cafe Terra is an Internet company located in 300 Ridgefield CT Ste 318, Asheville, North Carolina, United States.

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    Publisher: Café Terra — Come on in, Have a seat, *All animals welcome!*
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    Work With Me JUNE 29, 2014 · 0 COMMENTS Cafe Terra started as a hobby, where I just enjoyed sharing my passion with you. Four years later, my little hobby is so much more. Today, I have over 100k pageviews a month, with over 20 k unique visitors. Food Writer/Recipe Developer: Each recipe on Cafe Terra is created by an inspiration or a craving. You may be looking for ways to showcase your ingredients or products, to find unique ways to enjoy your product, giving consumers more reasons to try the ingredient. The recipes can be created free of refined sugars, or full of sugary happiness. Having an option to make it healthy, or keep it full-figured shows all the different ways to truly enjoy an ingredient. I have been creating recipes long before I started Cafe Terra, in my eyes it is challenging and fun! Food Stylist/Photographer: When Cafe Terra was first started it was all about the food and the recipes. As my blog grew, so did my love for photography. I can help you find a style for your photos, and look at ways to improve that photo using my extensive collection of props. I would ensure your photos are illuminated properly. We could also discuss styling your photos for your next recipe book or e-book. Social Media Management and Consulting: Social media goes hand in hand with blogs, websites, and companies. I run all my social media sites individually, each one has a different audience looking for different things. For my blog, I run Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google +. If you’re not an experienced social media user, it’s like having another fulltime job. With my knowledge and experience with social media, I could help promote your product or site. We would look at the best way to target your audience, and find exactly what your audience wants to see on each social media venue. We could discuss Twitter parties, and offer flash giveaways. We can grow your brand, bring visitors to your site, through your door, or introduce them to your product. Even better, we can help you sell your product by using social media in a variety of ways. Food Safety Consultant or Coach: Are you looking for guidance, or help with your food establishment? I can coach, teach, train, and help your restaurant to ensure you are following the standards set by the Health Department. We would look at all areas of your restaurant or kitchen from deliveries all the way through serving food to your customers. I have worked as a food safety and quality assurance specialist for nearly a decade. My degree is a BS in Nutritional Science, and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Arizona. I am a Certified Professional in Food Safety through the National Environmental Health Association and continually increase my knowledge by keeping up with current food safety and quality assurance trends and best practices. I have worked with kitchen managers and chefs across the country, from small family restaurants to giant resort kitchens, even a jail- there’s not much I haven’t seen. Sponsor/Giveaways/Reviews: Cafe Terra would love to work with you to help share your product or cookbook. We would look at different tiers that would work best for your company. The minimum tier would involve a partnership for three months. We would look at sharing all about your company, and offering giveaways. We would also discuss creating unique recipes for your products. Travel Food Blogger: When you travel, how many times do you ask yourself, where are we going to eat? Cafe Terra would love to explore your city. Share the different restaurants that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We would look at restaurants in a variety of price ranges to ensure the travels are perfect for everyone. To make the travels memorable, I would create Cafe Terra version recipes. Each recipe would be inspired by the dishes enjoyed at each restaurant. Contact me: Email – healthyyou72@gmail.com Twitter – @CafeTerraBlog Facebook – Cafe Terra
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