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CDRLabs.com provides detailed news coverage and in-depth reviews for hard drives, SSDs, Blu-ray drives, flash drives, DVD burners and other storage related hardware and software.
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The majority of the people here at CDRlabs.com started as ops in #cdr on Efnet nearly 15 years ago. This was way before every kid on the block had a CD-RW. We maybe had at most 20 people in the channel at a time. About a year or two later the CD-R industry exploded. Dropping media and hardware prices and the ability to put 650mb or even 700mb onto a disk and take it with you became appealing to everyone. People kept asking if there was a really good website for optical storage related information. Unfortunately there was not at the time. A few "hardware review sites" would do a review from time to time, but the depth and consistency of the reviews turned out to be less than desirable. A plan was hatched to create a CDR Zone, a portal to the world of CD-R related reviews and topics. When having a portal was not good enough, the CDR Labs was spawned to give the world what it was lacking: useful, truthful information, quality reviews of hardware and software, and an eye to the CD-R Industry. Welcome to CDRLabs.

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    CDRLabs.com provides detailed news coverage and in-depth reviews for hard drives, SSDs, Blu-ray drives, flash drives, DVD burners and other storage related hardware and software.
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    Welcome to CDRLabs. Since the original inception of CDRZone back in 1998, the staff has strived to bring the public the best in coverage and consistency when it comes to CD-RW's, DVD-ROM's, DVD writers and other optical storage related hardware, peripherals, and software. If your target audience consists of consumers seeking either to purchase equipment themselves, those who advise friends, or those that make buying decisions for their business, then advertising on CDRLabs is an extremely effective method of reaching your goals. The CDRLabs staff is always striving to make the visit as enjoyable and productive as we can. We achieve this with our original content. We've always got a steady stream of Articles and Reviews being created and posted. Our reviews, which use sound methodology and an objective view, distinguish our reviews from the many others that only seek to revise press releases and write glowing reviews. CDRLabs is always on top of groundbreaking news and controversies, so our readers look to us first to be their eyes and ears into the CD Recordable Industry. Since we are based in the United States and Canada, our reviews are easily understandable as they are written in English, our native language. Laymen's terms are utilized to make novices more comfortable when reading our articles and making educated buying decisions based on them. Our ever-growing audience includes professionals, home users, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the optical storage industry. We focus on the North American region, but as with any global website we have visitors from all over the world reading our reviews, checking the latest news on the latest and fastest CD-RW technology, and posting their technical questions to our forum for support. Here are some of the features CDRLabs.com offers: Full Control Of Ads: On CDRLabs.com, all advertisers have a secure login and password that enables them to check on there banner statistics along with the ability to change and edit their banners. Flexible Advertisement System: CDRLabs.com adopts and practices: The CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) advertisement system. The flat rate (flat charge per month) system. Ad Positioning And Specifications: Place you advertisement where you know that you will get maximum exposure. CDRLabs also supports various sizes in .gif, .jpg or flash format.
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