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    Sponsor Sponsors Let Us tell You about Who We Are We are a mother/daughter blog that went live on February 14th of 2012. After many years of living thousands of miles apart, we have come back together to form a unique blog that focuses on DIY projects and solutions for two different households and houses. Lesley, a 30 something mom, is redecorating a 5 year old traditional home. Mom, a 50 something grandmother, finally has her 100 year old historical home. They both have husbands that work all the time, toddlers to teenagers in the home and aging parents to care for. We work hard and are dedicated in sharing the good, bad and funny side of our attempts to organize the chaos and bring calm into family life that attracts viewers of all life stages. chaotically_creative_year-1_analytics Why Sponsor With ChaoticallyCreative.Com We do what we love and love what we do! Our focus is on building lasting relationships with readers and sponsors. We love to share products and brands that we believe in and feel will benefit our readers. We have a readership that has grown extremely fast and continues to grow daily. Our content focuses on DIY Home Décor, Organization, Gardening, Cleaning, Design Boards, Childhood Education, Pet Management, Repurposing, Crafts, Landscape, Stenciling, and Product Reviews. If you feel your brand or product fits the interest of our audience, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities. Audience Our audience is primarily women ages 18 to 65. We also have a growing male readership as well. Almost 5 percent of our readers are male between the ages of 35 to 65. As you can see, with a unique mother/daughter blog, our readership ranges far and wide. Monthly Stats for (August 2013) 125,00o apx. Page Views 3753 Pinterest Followers 1411 Facebook Fans 283 Twitter Followers 90 Instagram Followeres 333 Email Subscribers Sidebar and Banner Advertising Choose one of the many advertising options listed below to be featured on the sidebar of Along with the advertising spot, your brand and or product, will receive monthly recognition in the form of a Thank You to Our Sponsor Post. $35.00 Add to cart Crazy Awesome 300x300px Banner Only 5 left! Starts Jul 8, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 5 shown at a time What? You’re Awesome then you need this spot NOW! $20.00 Add to cart Insanely Interesting 300x150px Banner Only 2 left! Starts Jul 8, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 2 shown at a time Chaotically Creative offers an “Insanely Interesting” ad spot that is in between both the largest and small sizes. It will be located between those size ads as well. Only four will be featured at a time and will be rotated for maximum exposure. $10.00 Add to cart Posh Petite 125x125px Banner Available now. Starts Jul 8, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 6 shown at a time Chaotically Creative offers 10 Posh Petite ad spots located above the “subscribe via Email” box. These ads will be rotated to provide each sponsor with maximum exposure. $50.00 Add to cart Boss Banner Ad 1148x150px Banner Only 1 left! Starts Jul 8, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 1 shown at a time Premium Header Banner in prime location. This will get your target audiences attention. Ads by Passionfruit // ]]> Sponsoring a post is a great way to get your brand or product continually exposure. The post will be filed into our database and part of our site indefinitely. If you are interested in sponsoring part or all of a post, please contact us using the form below. Product Reviews Not only do Mom and I love to hear about new products, we love to tell our readers about what we love and why. Allowing us to review your product and share it with our readers is another great option to get your product out there. For more information, contact us through email using the contact form below. Giveaways Chaotically Creative readers would love to hear about your products and experience them through giveaways. If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please contact us using the form below.
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