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Charter Media Advertising is a Hospital and Health Care company located in 7337 Central Ave, Riverside, California, United States.

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    Advertising PlatformsHome | Advertising Platformson aircable Tv advertising — the foundation of your media mix[Cable TV]Charter Media offers television advertising that is targeted, engaging and efficient for businesses of all sizes. In partnership with you, we craft messages that speak directly to your customers' desires and interests while building awareness of your product or service. More than ever before, advertisers can reach audiences with compelling messages by harnessing the power of television.Our team can help deliver more impactful insights and solutions specific to your marketing needs than any other media organization. With a full range of products and services, your Charter Media Team works with you every step of the way to maximize your advertising budget.Your Charter Media® Team continues to offer commercial advertising breaks in the hottest cable television programming throughout the country. We offer you the opportunity to be co-branded with some of the most recognized cable television networks in the world such as MTV®, ESPN, and many more. Long live your business!View a sample of our available networks here.**Available networks vary by market.Digital Ad NetworkCharter Digital Ad Network — Maximize Relevant Reach[Icons_Online-2Screens_2012]In today’s multi-screen world, connecting your business to the right customers can be more challenging than ever – unless you are partnered with Charter Media and the Charter Digital Ad Network. With the ability to reach your customers wherever they are, viewing whatever they like, the Charter Digital Ad Network synchronizes your TV and online advertising. This combination makes both your television and online ad campaigns more focused, more efficient and more effective. Click here to view a short video.onlineOnline @ Charter.net — Embrace that Digital Highway with Charter.net[Icons_DotNet_2012]As a destination page for millions of Charter Media high-speed internet users, Charter.net offers an inspiring, interactive environment for consumers to access information about products, check e-mail and explore the latest in media, technology and entertainment. Advertising on Charter.net connects advertisers with local customers 24/7 who return often and spend more time at Charter.net – the place for advertisers to gain an immediate awareness in an uncluttered environment.Adding internet advertising on Charter.net to your media mix is a strategic complement to your on-air buy and an effective vehicle for enhancing online awareness and consumer engagement for your business. Reach Your Business Ambition with a consistent online presence at Charter.net!mobile Mobile Marketing — Create that One to One Experience[Icons_Mobile_2012]A fresh, dynamic solution to engaging customers, mobile marketing creates a personal relationship with your customers by offering them instant opportunities on their mobile device. Timely and personal, mobile marketing targets relevant consumers and builds an exclusive database of customers for advertisers to remarket to again and again. Measurable results make this advertising solution a complement to any campaign. Charter Media® combines the opt-in nature of mobile with the targeted reach of spot cable. Mobile Alerts - Provide users with instant information about your products and services, times and specials. Mobile Coupons - Make an immediate impact on a user's buying decision and capitalize on instant coupon redemption. Text-To-Win - Drive meaningful brand interactions through custom contests and promotions. Create buzz around a promotional event while gathering valuable consumer information.Use Mobile Marketing to Reach Your Business Goals!. Sample opportunities include: Text 2 Win, Text 4 Info, Text 4 Offer, Trivia and Polling.on demandCharter OnDemand™ [Icons_VOD_2012]Charter OnDemand provides advertisers a ground-breaking opportunity to speak directly to interested consumers with an unlimited amount of compelling, informative and entertaining content. Charter OnDemand allows you to REACH the right people with content that creates RELEVANCY and delivers your message through direct ENGAGEMENT with the consumer.Reach: Target a more qualified audience. In addition to reaching well qualified Charter viewers with a traditional cable television schedule, you can tell your story in-depth to those consumers who have a direct interest in your product or service.Relevancy: Complement your commercial schedule. Deliver custom, in-depth content to consumers who want more information. Viewers can access your content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week— when they want, how they want.Engagement: Potential customers develop a one-on-one relationship with your brand. You can actively engage viewers by providing qualified consumers with expanded information to help them make their purchasing decisions.interactive televisionCharter Interactive Television*[Icons_iTV-option1_2012]Charter Interactive TV brings your customers to the edge of their seat by engaging them in the actual programming. Through Interactive TV your customers don’t simply watch, they participate. They’ll vote on questions posed while the action’s still going on, take part in on-screen polls, request more information from you, or go directly to a custom microsite to learn more on their own. All of these tools are designed to propel your business forward in unique and exciting ways.*Available in select markets.Source AutomotiveSource Automotive[Icons_SourceAutomotive_2012_Laptop]Lead shoppers, about to become buyers, to your inventory as they compare used vehicles across top search engines and automotive websites. Auto dealers can distribute their inventory across 33 sites for automotive enthusiasts and 11 classified sites. Vehicles appear consistently on the first page of results for all search engines multiple times on sites like Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Bing Automotive, Yahoo Autos and many, many more. Click here to view a short video.politicalPolitical Advertising Solutions — Maximize the Message while Reducing the Waste![Icons_Political-option1_2012]People are watching more television than ever. The viewership of ad-supported cable continues to surge, and as the audience grows, it is becoming an essential marketing medium. Charter Media can help you tap into the power of cable with insertion opportunities on an array of popular cable networks, enabling political and issue advertisers to pinpoint constituencies by demography or geography. Local cable TV allows you to focus your message and precisely target your most valuable potential voters in your desired geographic area. When the right message gets to the right audience, campaigns maximize impact and reduce waste.Package the local spot campaign message with GEO TARGETED online advertising Target voters with precision across multiple screens - televisions, computers and mobile devices. Engage voters with an Online campaign to strengthen your on air message precisely targeting your most valuable potential voters. Reach civic minded viewers who are interested in seeking out political information.
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Kris Gassman
Greater Denver Area
Senior Manager, Media Marketing Strategist at Spectrum Reach
Harry Phillips
Kalamazoo, Michigan Area
Marketing Manager at Charter Media
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