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ChekMeIn allows Brands for the first time to derive more from their TV Commercials by transforming the user’s Smart Phone into an interactive communication channel

Our patent pending technology allows Brands to identify and engage customers through our partner app network creating an immediacy in call to action be it Social Shares, Generating Leads, Building Traffic, etc..

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  • Headquarters:
    Bandra East Mumbai, 400051 India
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  • 1-10 employees
  • Mobile Display
  • Mobile Display
  • Ad Network, Retargeting
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    Mobile Ad Network
  • Industries
    Mobile App Installs, Retail
  • Key Differentiator
    ADVERTISERS RETAILERS Retail re-targeting like never before: ChekMeIn's tagging technology allows hyper local marketing, as it identifies only those customers who have entered the store while other ad networks using GPS and Geo-fencing are unable to achieve the same precision. ››ChekMeIn allows retailers to understand customers in store browsing pattern and categories of interest, lending intelligence to the advertising campaign. ››Our partner brands look at leveraging our technology to communicate: ›New product launches ›Promotions & Offers ›Brand Recognition & Reinforcement WEBSITES Enjoy a single view of customers across smart devices ChekMeIn’s technology tags a mobile and tablet of a user to his primary device the laptop. Allowing websites to identify customer’s browsing the website on the laptop and re-target ads for the same website on the mobile or tablet ››ChekMeIn on the web can help promote ›App Downloads: Identify customers that visit the website on browser but do not have the brand’s mobile app, ChekMeIn allows brands to serve mobile app ads to these customers. ›Transactions: Ecommerce sites can tag customers who visited the site and can run mobile ad campaigns to induce transactions
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    MobileApp Tracking by TUNE
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