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    I’m Cheryl, and I am a Ravenclaw-loving musician, traveller, and occasional student. I'm 22 years old, which isn't very old at all but it's the perfect age to be going about doing mad things - I like to think of myself as old enough to be allowed to do things without parental consent, but young enough to not stop and think before jumping off the edge of a cliff. (Just kidding. Don't ever jump off the edge of a cliff without a harness and suspension.) Growing up in Singapore, which is so tiny that I'll be impressed if you can find it on a map, it was always drilled into me that the world was bigger than it seemed. In an island where you can get from one end to the other in 45 minutes, there's not an awful lot of travelling to do - to get away from the city, you're going to need your passport. So that's exactly what I did. In the short amount of time that I've been on this planet, I've travelled to over 28 countries, and more cities than I can keep track of. I want to go as many countries as I possibly can, experiencing as many cultures as I possibly can and to see as much of the world as is possible. CherylKeit.com is a travel, music and lifestyle blog project for independent backpackers, student and budget travellers, and creative types. The content of this project is constantly evolving, so keep checking back - there's always a new audience to reach out to! We can help your brand reach this target audience through written content and social media. In addition to social media, I will also write you copy, take your photos, sing for you, and write music. If you would like to discuss any services, please email cherylkeit.ang at gmail dot com WRITING AND GUEST POSTS If you are interested in writing for or contributing to the Cheryl Keit project, submit your original content to cherylkeit.ang at gmail dot com in Microsoft Word (.DOC/.DOCX) format. ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP I've had the fortune to work with a variety of different travel and tour companies, including but not limited to: Eldhestar, Iceland DIVE.IS, Iceland Icelandic Mountain Guides, Iceland If you'd like to find out more about potential partnerships, sponsorship or advertising, please email cherylkeit.ang at gmail dot com to discuss.
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