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    Publisher: Chez Us - She cooks. He devours.
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    This is our personal journey about our love affair with life and good food. We started cooking in a small 20 sq. ft. kitchen in San Francisco. We had one small stove, one counter top, and one cupboard. Friends and family were amazed by what we created in that tiny kitchen. Little did they know that kitchen was the rock behind Chez Us. We are all grown up now, as we moved into a bigger kitchen in 2010. More room to make a bigger mess, there is a big stove, lots of cupboards, and even a pantry. The one thing that hasn’t changed? We haven’t changed our old kitchen habits of living small. We want to share with YOU how we still live small but eat big. My name is Denise. I confess, I love food. I love everything about food, in fact, the first thing on my mind when I crawl out of bed, besides that first cup of coffee, is what we will be sharing at the table later that day. My partner is Laudalino. He is an eater; rather he devours. Neither of us are in the food business. We own a company that specializes in web-casting and video production. We met almost 11 years ago, when he was a starving bachelor who longed for his mother’s home-cooked Portuguese meals. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; I like to think I got to his heart through many means, cooking just happened to be one of them. He loves my cooking so much that he thinks we only need to eat at Chez Us. We share the same passion that food is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Nothing fancy, instead good comfortable food that makes you want to pull up a chair and linger at the table. We do tend to cook seasonally using what is fresh and available to us. Don’t get us wrong, we still have many guilty pleasures such as French cheese, Portuguese fried cod, and luscious wine from other countries. Entertaining our friends is a favorite past-time as there really isn’t anything more special then breaking bread together. If you can’t find us in the kitchen just look out the back door, and you may find us anywhere in the great outdoors, either camping (good food will be included), biking or climbing some of the high peaks. Our passions are traveling to far away lands, submerging ourselves in the culture and of course eating! We also love to spend time behind a video and/or camera making memories last forever. We hope you will join us on our culinary capers as we share the food we love to cook with you. Pull up a chair, and stay awhile.
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