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Child Alert
Publisher: For Child Safety and Wellbeing
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    Publisher: For Child Safety and Wellbeing
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    Eager to get on the move we developed products like the emergency organizer Nannyboard, and partnered many child related organizations. We were fast learners. Our knowledge, style and skill set developed and changed, and our appearance soon took on a different look and became more alluring. As a toddler and school child we were involved in everything from attending events and giving talks to making our debut on radio and TV. We were given the acclaim of Best Parenting Site and awarded the Golden Web Award. The teenage years were more of a challenge - it was a competitive world and we were learning the skills of self worth and negotiation. Finally we came through with renewed confidence and abilities to provide a service second to none. We recognized that we alone do not have all the answers but we knew how to bring on board those that did and with the combination of our excellent communication skills and business acumen we relaunched Childalert with improved vigor. Childalert is now an all singing all dancing Parent, empowering thousands of other mums and dads with information and advice on the safety, wellbeing and health of their children. We have come of age with an improved facelift . Tell your friends about Childalert, and provide us with your feedback to take us to the next level!
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