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    Publisher: At Home With ChristiansUnite.com | Christian Resources
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    INTRODUCTION Thank you for your interest in advertising on ChristiansUnite.com, one of the most visited and fastest growing Christian portals on the internet. We appreciate our loyal visitors and seek to offer them content that is pleasing to Jesus Christ. We welcome your sponsorship of the Gospel message and endeavor to offer our visitors only the highest quality choices. We will be happy to meet your promotional needs if you accept our statement of beliefs. We offer a number of packages that can give you great value for your advertising dollar. Advertising on ChristiansUnite.com is an effective way to reach a target audience of Christian professionals, laymen and searchers. Our visitors to this site are looking for information, and seeking your message. Your ad can give it to them. We offer a number of different advertising opportunities. Please choose the one(s) that suits your needs best! YOUR GUARANTEE An industry average of about 50% of all page views and click-thrus are the result of spambots, email harvesters, and other legal or illegal robots and web spiders. We have developed a unique way to systematically trap these quickly and ban them from this site to prevent their attempt to ring up false clicks and false ad exposures. This is an ongoing process as we strive to only deliver real visitors to you, and will not tolerate their activity. This results in accurate statistics for you, a better return on your investment, with the assurance that you receive what you pay for; legitimate visitors to your site. TERMS OF ACCEPTANCE Advertisers must agree with our terms and statement of beliefs before any advertising or sponsorship will be considered. If you agree to our terms, your advertising campaign can start as soon as we review your site. ZONES We currently have four available zones, and all advertisements will be rotated at random within the available spots in the zones you select. Zone Information IMPRESSIONS/CLICK-THRUS Advertising can be purchased either as straight impressions, or as click-thrus. When purchasing impressions you will have a choice of zones in order to better target your ads. If purchasing click-thrus, you can't target your ads, but you pay only for guaranteed and unique visitors to your site. BANNER SPECIFICATIONS All banners should be the standard size of 468x60 pixels, and a maximum of 12k. Animated ads are ok as long as you keep it under the 12k limit. They must be in .gif or .jpg format. STATISTICS Live statistics measuring the effectiveness of your ad are available to you. All advertising packages provide you with real time password protected statistics, which are available 24 hours a day. You can check your banners exposures, click-thru and click-thru percentages and more, to keep you up to date on how your promotion is doing. Rather than relying on third-party ad tracking companies, we have developed our own in-house tracking facilities to carefully monitor your campaigns. Your success is vital to us, and we are continually developing new methods to ensure reliability throughout your campaigns. CURRENT AD BANNER RATES Our current rates for advertising banners and textual ads are very reasonable. We guarantee the lowest rates, with the most effective service, of any other major Christian portal. NEW ACCOUNTS To start your advertising campaign on ChristiansUnite.com, click here and enter the applicable information. CURRENT ACCOUNTS If you currently have an account, click here to login and view your campaign statistics, revise your account or purchase additional advertising packages. PAYMENT TERMS All prices are in U.S. funds. Canadian orders add 13% HST. Payment in advance. Payment terms negotiable for established accounts.
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