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Publisher: Citynet Magazine | Lifestyle & Entertainment Mag
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    Publisher: Citynet Magazine | Lifestyle & Entertainment Mag
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    ADVERTISE Citynet Magazine offers several powerful, targetted forms of advertising. Site Info Advertising offers come in almost daily. Until now, about 99% were rejected because the site wasn’t properly set up to accept advertising. The site re-launched in June 2009 and it’s very ad-ready. This site is a powerful one to advertise on. Consider the following: The site began in 1997 (the content was on an AOL subdomain at the time) and in 2000, the CitynetMagazine.com domain was purchased. The site’s traffic has organically grown since 1997 and increased steadily for years. It use to be hell trying to explain to marketers what SEO was. It is hoped that you have a good understanding of it to see extra the value in the ad rates below. Stats The site was completely re-worked and re-launched in June 2009. To date, millions of unique visitors have come through here… Alexa Rankings 2006-2010 Alexa Ranking: Ranged between the top 60,000-90,000 sites Domain Info Old domain registrations are significanly better for Google rankings. CitynetMagazine.com started in 2000 which is excellent. Search Engine Info Yahoo shows 2,485 inbound links. Google Webmaster Tools shows approximately 1,700 inbound links. Not one link was ever purchased to boost the site’s rankings. It has been purely natural growth. Google and Yahoo rank CitynetMagazine.com articles very high (typically on the first page) for extremely competitive terms which is why so many people find the site. Most of the traffic comes from search engines meaning it’s target market, legitimate traffic. 99% of pages on the entire website have some Google PageRank (often 2, 3, 4, or 5) meaning that it’s well spread out. Authority & Trust CitynetMagazine.com is a trusted authority website meaning that any website that has a link from CitynetMagazine.com can benefit in the search engine rankings. The typical CitynetMagazine.com article is not contrived garbage, but rather a well-written, informative source of information. As such, readers trust the content, as they should. Demographics According to Alexa: Gender: Mostly Male Age Range: 25-34 Education: Most visitors are educated at a college level or higher. Browsing Location: Mostly home, some from work. Children: Average user has no children. If you have any questions or would like to advertise, please contact us. Advertising Rates Text Links Per Article Basis The very top right corner of the right column. Top right corner of the right column but under any content. Footer link (just below the copyright notice). Category Pages All main “category” pages. In-line Links This is a link within a target paragraph somewhere on the site. In-line Links with Endorsement Think of it as an endorsement within an article. This is a standard text link to your website but with text placed around it that endorses your product or service. Great for viral marketing and for search engine optimization. Banner Ads Banner ads are accepted in different sizes and can be placed on specific pages. Banner ads range in price based on the size and placement throughout the site. Standard Sizes 728×90 Leaderboard run of site sponsorship (in the header section) 336×280 Big Box ads across all category pages (not individual article pages) 250×250 Big Box ads across all articles (in line with the article) Top 3 Banners (Run of site) These are unique because the sizes are non-standard so your target market will not ignore them due to banner blindness. Also, they are placed such that everyone will see them. Please contact us for site-wide possibilities. Advertorial Your advertorial on this site will be very powerful because it will be optimized for search engines and reach a great audience. The article can contain a link to your website. The article will be placed on the homepage, category page, and be featured as a ”normal” article. Advertorials are subject to editorial approval. These are outstanding promotional opportunities. Advertorials frequently have a high position in search engines and as such, generate niche market traffic. Moreover, the link to your site is an added bonus. Other Promotional Opportunities If you have something else in mind, please let us know. Here some areas that will be considered: Roadblock ads (2 or more ads combine to make a larger image) Header Reskin (customize header section) Creation of an entire category to promote a product or service Custom microsites (we have an excellent web development and marketing team) General website sponsorship Sponsored contests Sponsored polls and quizzes Category sponsorship Corner peel ads Newsletters: CitynetMagazine.com does not currently engage in newsletter marketing but will be doing so at some point in the near future. Important Notes Regarding Advertising We reserve the right to discontinue any ad at any time if it does not meet with CitynetMagazine.com guidelines (which may be updated at any time as per the terms and conditions of this website). You will be refunded for any full months not used. CitynetMagazine.com is not interested in “pay for performance” as we’d rather not have an ad than use that format. No affiliate links advertising. We are offering high power ad formats that supercede those in many ways. Gambling-related websites: Rates will be higher. “nofollow” tags will be used. General guidelines to unacceptable ads: No affiliate links, no adult content, no links to advertising-only sites (with no real content but full of banners or Google ads/MFA sites).
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