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CleanTechies is a leading career site & business network providing insight, orientation, and opportunities for the CleanTech community. It focuses on renewable energy, resource efficiency, green building, and sustainable transportation.

The trend towards sustainability is driving more and more professionals and students into CleanTech, and CleanTechies aims at guiding them by covering industry trends, giving career advice, and facilitating career opportunities for job seekers in general and career changers in particular. CleanTechies provides informed commentary, useful resources, relevant services, and targeted professional opportunities all on one site that is simple to navigate.

CleanTechies has a strong social mission and is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in bringing clean technologies and green energy to more businesses, residences and communities.

CleanTechies’ vision is to unite CleanTechies who are collaborating globally and acting locally to provide products and services based on innovative technology that optimize the use of natural resources all around the world by offering cleaner or less wasteful and more economic alternatives to traditional products and services.

CleanTechies was recognized as a “Best Business Blog” by the Weblog Awards and as “Best Blog of the Day” by the Blog of the Day Awards in 2009.

The CleanTechies social network connects thousands of “CleanTechies” around the world, including professionals and students on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, and Twitter.

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    ADVERTISING Target a highly educated audience interested in human ingenuity – and the best cleantech events, products and services you have to offer. Who reads CleanTechies? Intelligent, socially aware, impassioned individuals (both cleantech professionals and sustainability-minded consumers) seeking global, national, regional and local solutions to solving climate issues with cleantech innovations. Over 70% of readers are U.S.-based. How you can reach them. It’s our belief that creatively targeted clean tech advertising leads to higher profits and increased brand loyalty. That’s why CleanTechies offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to help you promote environmentally responsible marketing messages to these industry professionals, business thought-leaders and green consumers. CleanTechies is proudly represented by the 350 Media global green ad network. For marketing partnership or CleanTechies advertising inquiries, please complete the form below and a 350 Media representative will contact you within one business day.
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