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Publisher: C2D: Fundraising ideas for 501c3 nonprofits - ClicktoDonate
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    Publisher: C2D: Fundraising ideas for 501c3 nonprofits - ClicktoDonate
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    Let’s Crowdsource human relief In 2012, Google reportedly made over $55 billion in revenue from advertisers paying to show up in Google’s search results. Click to Donate’s mission is to reallocate some of that money to help solve the world’s biggest (and smallest) problems. If 10,000 people search to support cancer research, that would generate at least a million dollars for cancer research. Now imagine if 1,000,000 people search to support cancer research. Click to Donate has the potential to cure cancer and end hunger and poverty in this world. How C2D Generates Revenue Click to Donate (C2D) generates revenue the same way as other major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Whenever you search the web, ads that are related to your search queries are displayed. Revenue generated through natural clicks on advertisements is split on the basis that the nonprofit receives fifty percent (50%) and Click to Donate receives fifty percent (50%). Join us today and make every search count!
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