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Cloud Business Review is an online magazine offering news and reviews on the integration of cloud computing for small business. We are multi-authored, publishing articles from cloud experts, professionals and writers.

We also have a directory of more than 4000 cloud apps from which you can browse and try for free.

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    Cloud Business Review Mission Statement: To help small business owners making a well-informed decision in going cloud. Cloud Business Review is a news blog covering various topics evolving around cloud business, such as small business cloud, cloud business solutions, cloud computing, cloud applications, and many other cloud-related topics – all presented in a simple and straightforward manner. Essentially, we are offering cloud business reviews, news and trends to help small business owners build and enhance their small business cloud – if they finally choose to go cloud. How to do so? We present objective recommendations of cloud solutions and services, such as the right cloud hosting providers for you, cloud storage, cloud accounting, collaboration tools and many more. Small businesses today are facing challenges – the rising costs, the declining sales, the cut-throat competition, and the Government policies that are unfavorable toward small business owners and their businesses. Those challenges are forcing small businesses to find ways to increase the efficiency of their business operations on a tight budget; they need to find ways to do more on their existing infrastructure; this is the main reason why small businesses need to go cloud. Advertise with Cloud Business Review Cloud business reviews and trends on small business cloud services, solutions and applications. Our target market is tech people who want to learn more on how cloud computing can help their organizations. We also cater individuals who are interested in everything cloud. We have sponsored cloud conferences and have been mentioned and listed on major sites, such as AllTop.com.
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