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Coast Mountain News
Publisher: Coast Mountain News - Coast Mountain News - Bella Coola, B.C.
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Coast Mountain News is a Consumer Services company located in GD, Hagensborg, British Columbia, Canada.

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    Publisher: Coast Mountain News - Coast Mountain News - Bella Coola, B.C.
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    The Community Newspaper Advantage Our Paper's Strengths Community newspapers connect with local readers and your clients in a way that no other medium can. We deliver local faces, local news and local deals household by household and are the trusted source that people turn to when they're looking to find out what's going on in their community. We deliver stories from award-winning journalists each week in print and online surrounded by great ads that we can help you create. Talk to an account representative today to make sure that your business is getting the exposure it needs to grow. Our account representatives can assist you in putting together a print campaign and/or online campaign that will target your customers with a strong sales message. We provide the marketing expertise, research and stats about your local community that will assist you in spending your advertising dollars wisely – including uniquely Canadian and BC studies such as ComBase which measures the media habits of your customers. Extended Reach Does your business need to reach more people? We can extend your reach by placing your message throughout our network of community papers across British Columbia. Our family of community papers, will provide you with quality service anywhere in the province that you want to reach. Through our association with Black Press we can provide you with the convenience of a single bill, a single call and delivery to as many as 1.2 million households in print and over 500,000 visitors online. Variety of Exposure Display advertising is available in a wide range of sizes, in black and white, with one or full colour. Our publication days are timed to local shopping habits and offer you the assurance of high readership. We also publish a variety of seasonal and targetted features. We are eager to help you create a campaign incorporating strong visuals and compelling headlines while maximizing your budget and business opportunities. Classified advertising is available both in print and online and targets people seeking particular items or services. Click here to place your classified ad online Flyer distribution or Inserts are available on a cost per thousand household basis. Pricing varies based on quantity and frequency of the insert and distribution area, please contact your account represenative to receive a personalized quote. Quality Assurance To ensure quality reproduction and timely delivery our papers are printed at a Black Press printing plant in our region. Our newspapers are delivered by our local carrier force, your neighbors, each week to rigorous standards. Our delivery is verified and checked at various stages and a variety of methods. Our paper delivery numbers are verified and audited by by CCNA and our online ad serving numbers are provided by Doubleclick. It is our goal to provide you with the best service and the best results when you partner with your Black Press community paper. Information Integrated Marketing Solutions Let us help you grow your business.
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