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A Nutrition, Etiquette, Career, and Lifestyle firm for Savvy Co-Eds and Sorority Ladies! College Lifestyles™ focuses on:

College Lifestyles™ focuses on:

-Nutrition. Living and eating well!

-Lifestyle. Living the co-ed life of entertainment, green living, DIY, and dorm and apartment décor!

-Fashion. Dressing to shine on a co-ed budget and positive body image!

-Etiquette. Living and acting classy (not trashy!)!

-Careers. Bringing the best you as a freshman maneuvering the career fair, to your first internship, and yes, first job!

-Sorority Life. Living as a 21st century classy sorority lady!

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    College LifestylesTM has a wonderful partnership program which specifically targets high school students, college co-eds, and sorority ladies. Our program is fully individualized per your company’s request. We are not a cookie-cutter partnership firm. While we can offer a basic ad, we wish to customize a campaign for you and your organization. College Lifestyles is more than willing to design a specific partnership campaign for you and your organization if our set sponsorship program is not what you are looking for! our-available Brand Enthusiast/SpokespersonMarketing and Focus GroupIntern/Entry Level Employment RecruitersOnline/Offline Event Planning/ Twitter Party HostSocial Media Project Development/ Management/Web CampaignsNew Employee Protocol/ Etiquette DevelopmentSponsored PostAdvertisingGiveaways/Contest - See more at: http://collegelifestyles.org/sponsors/#sthash.xFJJDBO8.dpuf
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