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Publisher: Guide to Nigeria tourism, local culture and investment opportunities
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    Publisher: Guide to Nigeria tourism, local culture and investment opportunities
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    CometoNigeria.com is not the official tourism portal for Nigeria, but it is purposely set up to compliment the efforts of Nigerian Government to strengthen Nigeria’s position on tourism maps. We are simply a private Internet business that publishes information about getting people to come to Nigeria. We have put this web site together in an easy-to-understand way to assist foreign tourists and business travellers in planning their visit to Nigeria. The advertisers and affiliates are our supporters as displayed on our web pages. Please use their services. They make it possible for us to bring you Cometonigeria.com. This year, foreign tourists, Nigerians abroad and overseas business travellers will spend Billions of dollars in Nigeria. Our main motive is to present Nigeria to the outside world and let the world see what Nigeria can offer in tourism and business world. Launched in 2008, the Cometonigeria.com provides over 500 pages of information about every aspect of Nigeria as a holiday destination. Our web site also features list of events calendar, holiday destinations and resorts, service providers, accommodations and car hire services. Cometonigeria.com is a potential target for all that have interest in Nigeria tourism and business capability. We are expected to be one of the most visited travel websites for Nigeria, attracting an average of more than 100,000 unique visitors monthly. Although our visitor statistics are impressive, we are constantly working to improve the site’s performance and attract an increased volume of traffic. You too can benefit from our popularity by advertising with us. You can place your advert on one or more pages in our website through which you can get your potential customers.
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