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Looking to buy or sell a property: houses, condos, cottages in Canada? ComFree Network a flat fee realty & COMMISSION-FREE services. Find your dream home online now!
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ComFree is Canada's commission-free real estate network. The ComFree network gives customers the freedom to sell their homes without giving up thousands of dollars in commission.

If you want to join a fast-growing and dynamic team, view our job postings here on LinkedIn or visit http://comfree.com/jobs.

We offer commission-free services as a flat-free brokerage, under the name ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage in Ontario and Alberta and under the name ComFree Commonsense Network broker in Manitoba. In British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, we operate as a for sale by owner (FSBO) company.

Our 425 employees across Canada have helped more than 170,000 homeowners sell their homes successfully. Our goal is to empower Canadians to take control of their home sale by giving them all the tools and support they need to sell. We offer unparalleled online visibility for listings on one of the largest real estate networks in Canada. We also provide legal support, sales coaching, tips, advice, pricing assistance and all the necessary documents for homeowners to achieve a successful sale.

Buyers who visit the ComFree network are empowered to deal directly with the seller and buy a home commission-free. ComFree.com is your first stop when looking for properties for sale in Canada. Our network hosts one of the largest databases of house listings, providing buyers with a wide selection of homes, condos, and townhouses for sale.

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    Looking to buy or sell a property: houses, condos, cottages in Canada? ComFree Network a flat fee realty & COMMISSION-FREE services. Find your dream home online now!
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    Education, Energy and Utilities, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government & Politics, Health & Beauty, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Retail, Sports, Technology, eCommerce
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    Advertise Your Company on ComFree.com The ComFree network is a platform that offers exceptional potential for advertisers. A multiple advantage platform In addition to receiving visits from an immense pool of Internet users, the network reaches a target market of people who are getting ready to move and who have a range of needs as a result. Take advantage of this showcase to promote your products and services! ComFree.com is also a flexible, accessible medium that gives you visibility that is second to none with your potential customers. Contact us to see how we can help you reach your business objectives! The ComFree network gives you access to 5 million visits per month 18 million displays per month Innovative and effective content integration formats Influential, entrepreneurial customers For more information To advertise your company in Alberta and British Columbia, contact Brian Adams, Advertising Sales. phone: 1 780 722-9736 email: brian.adams@comfree.com To advertise your company in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, contact Robert Zyluk, Advertising Sales. phone: 1 204 770-7607 email: robert.zyluk@comfree.com To advertise your company in Ontario, Quebec and other provinces, contact Yan Perron. toll free: 1 866 387-7677 #7173 email: advertise@comfree.com
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    comfree.com, privaterealestate.ca, comfree.ca
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