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Confessions Of A Slacker Mom
Publisher: Confessions of a Slacker Mom | Where it's Okay to be a Slacker
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    Publisher: Confessions of a Slacker Mom | Where it's Okay to be a Slacker
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    I’m Sarah, a 20 something mom. Despite all my best efforts, I’m kind of a Slacker Mom. I’m a mom with ADHD, and I try my best to survive each day. I have a husband who works 70+ hours, two step kids ages ages 11 and 8, and two girls ages 3 and 1. I’m overwhelmed and ready for a nap. I don’t know what I’m making for dinner but it doesn’t matter because the kids just filled up on chocolate chip cookies anyway. My house is a mess and my laundry pile is so daunting I try to avert my eyes when I happen to notice how tall it has become.I love to do crafts, but more often than not it just leaves my house even messier–if the project even gets finished. I yell at my kids, and I’ve even been known to spank and say things like, “wait till your Dad gets home!” I also am a firm believer in bribery if you shut up now rewarding good behavior. I’m also LDS which is probably the only reason I have even a shred of sanity remaining. {It’s pretty chaotic around here.}When I’m not feeling like a failure, and I’m still procrastinating that laundry pile, I also blog about my daughter’s food allergies, couponing, baking, summer school with my stepkids, and my attempts to homeschool my preschooler. Am I a bad mom? In a word, no. I love my children, would never hurt them, and would do anything for them. And anything else that draws the line between “good mom” and “bad mom” is pure crap.
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