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Cooking 4 Carnivores
Publisher: cooking4carnivores
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    Publisher: cooking4carnivores
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    I married a carnivore. Seriously - the man would eat only red meat if I let him. I, however, am a vegetarian. This blog is dedicated to helping all those blended families like ours out there. We have learned through trial and error how to eat dinner together every night. It takes some planning and some work, but in the end we get to enjoy well balanced meals together. So, if you have a teen who just went away to college and came home to tell you he no longer eats meat, but everyone else still does, this blog is for you. Or, if your brother just brought home a woman who he says is the love of his life, but she eats meat and you do not, this will help you learn what to cook at family gatherings. This is not a vegetarian only site. It is written by one though. It is also not for people who are opposed to cooking meat in the house. This is for people who are trying to coexist. So in that vein, I have created this blog with marvelous main dishes that everyone will love, super side dishes that will help sneak vitamins into your carnivore, and delicious desserts to wrap it all up. I have also included some of our favorite breakfast items and great gadgets I love to use while I am experimenting in the kitchen. Nothing I cook is super fancy or complicated. It is real world cooking for real families.
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