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Coupons For Your Family
Publisher: Make A Choice. Save More. Live Better. Be A Star!
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    Publisher: Make A Choice. Save More. Live Better. Be A Star!
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    My name is Denise and I am a full time working mom taking care of four teenage boys, hubby, 2 dogs and the household. Over the years I have always used coupons but the summer of 2009 put me over the edge when our household and grocery bills skyrocketed as the boys began growing into young men and playing every sport imaginable!! I was going to the store every other day because I literally could not keep food in our house. Because I do have a full time job, I knew I had to do something different for our wallet and my sanity. I was also not willing to sacrifice other family activities such as skiing, boating and our summer vacation in order to save money. Thus began my coupon addiction! I researched and read as much as I possibly could on money saving blogs online and in the library. I began putting some of the things I read into practice and began saving 50-60% on my grocery/household bills almost immediately. My friends and family wanted to know how I could do this and I was encouraged to start blogging about the deals I was able to get. Thus, CouponsForYourFamily.com was born! It has steadily grown over the years and I am honored to have very loyal readers that come back to our site daily. I am grateful that I am able to help my readers save money for their families by using our Coupon Matchups every week. Read more at http://www.couponsforyourfamily.com/about/#OkbzBgHYfLH7d2Th.99
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