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    Advertise With Me! Add comments Share Share Share Share I’m not going to blow a lot of hot air about what Craft Cravings can do for you. I don’t have to! The site’s statistics speak for itself. No smoke and mirrors here. I know that as a business, you have no time for that! If you haven’t seen my statistics yet, you can do so by clicking here (it opens in a new window/tab). If you’re looking for information on me hosting a giveaway or doing a review for you, that information can be found here. Ad Space Rates Starter Spots: Ad image size: 125 x 125 pixels Ready to advertise but have a small budget? These ads are located on the right sidebar between “Sites that have featured me” and right below the recent posts list. These are good “intro to ad space” spots. 1 month: $5.00 3 months: $12.00 6 months: $25.00 Right Sidebar below the “About Me” section. Ad image size: 125 x 125 pixels. 1 month: $10.00 3 months: $25.00 6 months: $50.00 ( Best Value! You’re essentially getting a buy 5, get 1 free deal. ) Premium Ad Space: Ad image size: 500 pixels or less in width x 100 or less in height This is the cream of the crop. Shown right at the top of the site, across from the logo/header. You can’t land on Craft Cravings without seeing this ad. This is THE place to be! Arguably the most valuable ad space on the site and it can be yours! 1 month: $20.00 3 months: $55.00 6 months: $100.00 (Best Value! You’re essentially getting 1 month free! ) Targeted Post/Page Banner: Do you just LOVE a specific blog post on the site? Do you want your banner seen right above that blog post? This is a great way to target a specific audience. For example, if you sold knitting needles, maybe you want to advertise on one of my knitting pattern posts? Please keep in mind that a targeted post banner space is NOT available on any sponsored post. If one of the posts tags/keywords is “sponsored”, it is not eligible for this offer. This is subject to availability! Ad image size: 728 pixels or less in width x 100 or less in height 1 month: $10.00 3 months: $25.00 6 months: $50.00 ( Best Value! You’re essentially getting a buy 5, get 1 free deal ) Disclaimer: Ad spaces are subject to approval by me. If the ad is not family friendly, or if it advertises a product that’s questionable, political or inflammatory in nature, I will not approve it. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not accept ads from “get rich quick” or “get skinny” type products, as I find them exploitative and misleading. Thank you! I accept payment via Paypal. Ready to get your space set up? Contact Me!
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