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    UBM Tech. Informing and inspiring the people who define how we live, work and play. Because Technology Touches Everything Technology marketers like you are in the midst of a deep shift in how you engage with your customers. New technologies and platforms, audience fragmentation and the transformation of the media business are creating enormous challenges when it comes to defining how you target, reach and engage with prospects and buyers. We’re a global business that delivers business information, events, media, training, and marketing and data services to the technology industry. Our audience and solutions serve the entire technology ecosystem. This includes the engineers designing the latest device, to the developers coding apps for it, to the telecoms professionals behind the infrastructure that allows it to communicate with the world, to the IT and business executives who turn the device – and the data and possibilities it creates – into bottom-line business and customer value. As technology has become pervasive and connects the world, we get to serve the people who define how we live, work and play. Our mission is to inform and inspire them, with high-value content and business information targeted to specific technologies and disciplines—always considering how those technologies and disciplines work together in an increasingly connected world. Our company is organized into four audience-based business units: Business Technology, Channel, Electronics and Game & App Development. Together these businesses cover the technology value chain not only in terms of its audiences, but across all technology industries and categories. Business Technology - More than 15 million technology pros rely on our network of business technology sites, conferences, magazines and research tools to accelerate decision-making and drive business value. Channel – Our channel network is the leading provider of information, research and conferences for solution providers and vendors in the technology industry. Electronics – Our electronics brands serve more than 2.25 million design engineers and decision makers. Game & App Development – Our game and app development network offers essential information to professional game and application developers. To enable technology marketers to discover and engage with prospective technology customers, we offer a full range of marketing services and platforms. These services and platforms are based on our complete understanding of how technology is built, sold and used, and designed to intelligently and elegantly connect buyers and sellers. Let UBM Tech weave your company and its solutions into today’s technology market. Contact your UBM Tech sales representative today. - See more at: http://createyournextcustomer.techweb.com/about/#sthash.H739fPbz.dpuf
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