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Publisher: crunchycarpets.com - Clean socks are a privilege, not a right
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    Publisher: crunchycarpets.com - Clean socks are a privilege, not a right
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    Working with Me Bring more traffic and gain exposure for your business! In a few short years I have grown an influential and loyal readership and attracted the attention of major American and Canadian companies and news services. I have been interviewed by CBC radio and television, Global New, Today’s Parent and The Vancouver Sun about a wide range of subjects from parenting issues to where the best family events and deals are in Greater Vancouver. Because of my online influence, both international and local companies work with me to generate online “buzz” and interest in their new initiatives. Other smaller and more local businesses also approach me to talk about their special events. I have been featured on Vancouver Mom as one of the TOP Vancouver Mom Bloggers. I have been an invited panelist at Northern Voice 2010 and 2011, worked with h Limelite PR on a panel of Mom Bloggers called ‘Harnessing the Power of Digital Mums. And spoke at Connecting and Brands Conference in Vancouver. I recently spoke about working with PR and Brands with my fellow bloggers and I contribute regularly to the Huffington Post and CBC Parents. Mountain Baby reported that: “We were extremely please with the wonderful write up Kerry did for our product. The exposure we received as a result of her blog post was impressive to say the least, and the traffic we received was of extremely high quality. The readers she referred our way interacted with out site through questions, comments, phone-ins and even some orders! We were super pleased with the experience overall and would definitely repeat again.” With over 3800 followers on Twitter. Crunchy Carpets has built up and online brand through the name alone. People know who Crunchy Carpets is! Crunchy Carpets is a brand that mothers and families place their trust in. With the site’s readership and social media following growing every month, CrunchyCarpets.com is now offering select advertising and partnership opportunities. Crunchy Carpets is a great site to build a long term relationship with, that way you become part of the network that I have built up over time. Crunchy Carpets will share our experiences with YOUR product or service through our eyes…mine and the family. This is the best way to connect with other parents. Brands will be vetted to insure that their company matches the audience demographic and target interest. No adult or questionable products or services will be allowed on the site. I prefer clients in Canada and the United States. For a Media Kit, pleas contact me at crunchycarpets
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