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Publisher: Cupcakes and Cutlery - Collected Cool: Parties. Life. Kids
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    Publisher: Cupcakes and Cutlery - Collected Cool: Parties. Life. Kids
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    My name is Sharon Garofalow. I am the mom to two amazing little boys (Born 4/06 and 12/08 in case you want to send a gift. They love toys.) and married to the raddest man in all the land. This is where I share a collection of cool, created by me or curated from around the web. I focus on untraditional party themes, unfussy fashion and creative activities for your modern family. Let’s chat! cupcakesandcutlery@gmail.com Born, raised and currently residing in Orange County, CA I look forward to sharing my local loves as well as online resources to bring the California casual vibe to your family. Sharon Garofalow Editor, Food lover , Cocktail Creator, Craft DIYer… Craft Policy: I am in no way a craft expert. If I suggest a method of making something, adhering something, cutting something, etc. please be careful and ultimately use what you feel comfortable with. I will probably not make things requiring power tools because I like my fingers. Craft at your own risk. I am in no way responsible if you glue your finger together with spray adhesive or burn yourself with the glue gun. Most of my crafts are simple and do not require a ton of crazy supplies. I prefer to give you an idea and have you customize them or make them better based on your own skill set or craft knowledge. Crafting is just for fun and should be used for good and not evil. Recipe Policy: I love to eat. And I sometimes love to cook. I am in no way trained in cooking or baking. Most of my recipes are super simple and often I have consulted with someone else to make sure that I am on the right track when modifying or creating something. That person is usually Kristin Ausk of Meringue Bake Shop. She is my recipe coach. A lot of the recipes that I share, I consider “family recipes.” This does not mean that my family created them but down the line the original source may have gone un-noted. I never intend to pass these recipes off as my own but there really is no way of knowing where it came from. Except for my grandma’s blue cheese vinaigrette recipe. I’m pretty sure she stole that from her neighbor. But I don’t know her name and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a website. It will not hurt my feelings if you think of a better way to make a dish. Make it your own! Also, I am not responsible for pounds gained or calories consumed. (Helpful hint: my grandfather always told me that if you freeze your chocolate it removes the calories. You’re welcome).
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