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Curberry.com promotes a sense of community by matching each client’s lifestyle needs with the perfect neighborhood. By gathering data from residents in targeted areas, we provide valuable insight before a family takes the keys, and our commitment to excellence ensures informed decisions that meet the timelines of our clients.

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    You’ve heard the saying, “it takes a village” – well at Curberry, we like to say “it takes a neighborhood.” We believe that choosing a new neighborhood is a pivotal step in creating a place to call HOME. Align your brand with Curberry! Curberry matches your brand with specific lifestyle needs of home seekers. The active process of BRAND AWARENESS, INTERACTION AND ADOPTION starts here! Influence Promote your professional services (landscaping, home décor, mobile pet groomer and more!), food (restaurants, specialty food stores, grocery stores) and entertainment, health, beauty and wellness, local events and community services, hot products, online goods or the next pop-up restaurant! Bring it on! Reach and Audience Global, National and Local targeting ad targeting. Cross Platform scale – Web, smartphone, tablet optimized Social Media co-branding – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Email and Newsletter Sponsorships – coming soon ROS and Targeted Banner Campaigns Content Sponsorship Custom programs and placements Sweepstakes and Promotions Metrics Curberry has partnered with Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers for efficient and effective ad serving and reporting. Curberry.com allows our users to unpack their belongings secure in the knowledge that their house is already a home. Align your brand with our followers! We know our neighborhoods. Now, let our residents get ready to know your brand! Ready to get started? Contact us below today! Contact Us! Fill out this form if you would like for us to contact you. A Curberry.com team member will respond within 24 hours. -
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