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Publisher: D-Mom Blog — The sweet life with a diabetic child
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    Publisher: D-Mom Blog — The sweet life with a diabetic child
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    D-Mom Blog is a website about parenting children with type 1 diabetes. What is a “D-Mom?” It’s the online shorthand for the mother of a child who has diabetes. Here you will read Our Story as it unfolds. Our story began in May of 2008 when my daughter, then just three, was unexpectedly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We have to travel 200 miles each way to see our endocrinologist. We began diabetes management with daily multiple injections, but began using an insulin pump in October of 2009. We count carbs, we carry juice boxes, and we are always on call, as other families affected by this condition. You can read more About Me. The online community has been priceless in providing support and encouragement. I invite you to pour yourself a mug of Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (only 4 grams of carbs!) and meet other D-Moms who also write their family’s story. On Type 1 Tuesday, come over and link up your posts from the previous week so that others can find you. And while you are here, see what stories your peers are sharing. Here on D-Mom Blog you will find many resources that have taken me a long time to find for myself. I have often found myself wishing there was an aggregation of information and have hopefully brought it together here. I have an extensive Blogroll if you would like to read about other families in the same situation.
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