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Daily Cup of Asheejojo
Publisher: Daily Cup of Asheejojo - daily doses of food + fitness
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    Publisher: Daily Cup of Asheejojo - daily doses of food + fitness
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    Hi my name is Ashleigh! I’m a 23-year-old living in San Diego with my little white wolf-bear-pig sassy-diva Imo Inu puppy, Piper. Daily Cup of Asheejojo started last year (2013) as a way for me to track my first Whole30 challenge. I would write every night, sort of like a diary, to recap my day, what I ate, how I felt, etc. Since then, it has transformed to include several things I’m passionate about: running, racing, healthy living and recipes. To date I have run 14 half marathons, and will finally be training for my first full marathon this fall! I chose the name Daily Cup of Asheejojo because I wanted something that was unique and implied “daily doses” or “servings,” like tea and coffee! Both of those things bring me so much warmth (naturally) and as a result, happiness! Asheejojo is a nickname my dad gave me growing up, and it stuck for usernames and such. Little unknown fact: my middle name is not Jo! I love learning about new health trends and experimenting with my own body to see what works for me as well as sharing my experiences with all of you! I hope you find something that either inspires you or that you can relate with on this blog! Daily Cup of Asheejojo is interested in working with brands and companies that represent health and wellness. Ashleigh is available for brand ambassadorships, sponsorships, advertising, product testimonials, product awareness through giveaways, social media exposure, restaurant reviews and other opportunities if the fit is right and aligns with the theme of this blog. A media kit is available upon request by contacting dailycup.asheejojo@gmail.com
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