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Publisher: Dana Vento - Lavishly Living Life Out Loud: Tech, Travel, Food, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle. Seeking spokesperson position. Formerly Known as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom
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Yes, that is my official Logo, the DV~ Hello. I am Dana Vento. I live in Pittsburgh, PA., but did you know I was born in Chicago? My blog is National and my travels large. You might know me formerly as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, an iconic blogger that was featured in Redbook Magazine, USA Hockey, Real Simple, as Popsicle PopUp Local Spokesperson, Shop ‘n Save online partner, and as Gabe’s Media Representative(just to name a few).

Things in my world have changed quite a bit over the last eight years. My job is like living a fairy-tale out loud as I get to story tell each and everyday based on my interactions with brands, places and things I best identify with.

If you are just meeting me nice to meet you and buckle up for a fantastic ride that will take you along as I shop till I drop, travel, cook, dine out, test out tech, work in great DIY projects, discover beauty and collect my favorite fashion. Dana Vento.Com is all about living life lavishly out loud: I live my life out loud with all my favorite places, brands and items and then provide you the story that personalizes each at its best!

I can assure you if I take the time to write about it, I would love for you to consider the items, places and brands for your lives.

With three kids, my husband, kitty(Bella)a passion for life(cause it’s too short) and a pulse for the latest, greatest and trending its off to work I go!


We all have our personal stories when it comes to shopping, fashion and beauty, I just share mine out loud! I think the person that says, ‘enough’ when it comes to shopping, needs to meet me, and acquire a taste for shopping, because there is never enough time to shop! No it’s not a sickness but a passion for the ‘best of’ out there.

I am obsessed with shoes, handbags, jeans, dresses, all things beauty(from makeup to facial creams and everything in between). There are a lot of great products that can really make a difference when you use them or add them to your wardrobe. My husband loses space daily as I take over drawers all space trying out different trending items!(poor guy)


Let me sum this up quickly. One evening we had QVC on and my husband said, “who would buy that?” I walked to the closet and proudly showed him and the rest is history, because I buy it all! We had a good laugh, but it really gives you a zest for how passionate I am about my shopping.

My love of shopping is not just about the trending it is also about new spins on old classics from scarves to appliances there is just so much out there to enjoy! As I shop, I rid the old and replenish with the new, because anything not used over the last 6 months is just taking up precious space.


I love packing up the family and vacating ‘Casa Vento’ for a while there are lots of great places to visit as a family. I get countless emails after a post on a trip, asking me all the ‘hot-spots’ and how the kids liked it, which makes me even happier that I can offer you great options!

As a family we create memories, and learn the world. I believe that there is no greater education than traveling and living it out loud and that’s what we do that when we travel, we live and learn together and then I share!

If you have traveled anywhere with a family you know that it is either perfect or miserable and there is nothing in between. I insist on clean sheets, floors and bathrooms. I inspect mattresses, behind doors and if there are appliances I always have my sanitizing wipes with me just in case things don’t seem perfect.

Keeping a trip fun is a must and as I travel to different places I scout out the fun, the entertainment and the luxuries that come with the destination. I yearn great accommodations, and facilities that have lots of what you need right on the premises.

We know no boundaries when we travel, and often are surprised by the great invites we receive. My kids keeps their carry-on’s ready as they are little jet-setters and can’t wait for the next adventure.


What makes me unique is that I dish all the details and leave no covers un-turned(literally)! Family fun is important and it is possible to build a trip that every genre in your family will enjoy. I work with vendors, PR Firms and small businesses everyday in my travel reviews that offer great opportunities fabulous locations and I can’t wait to work with more and share more of the fabu details with you.

Are you a PR Firm looking for someone to the destination you are representing? Hit me up, I’d love to discuss your destination and practical options for travel to. Are you a consumer looking for destinations, activities and fun once you get on that dream vacation? I do all the footwork before you have to travel or plan anything.

Any good vacation will require plenty of shopping and particular items to travel with from luggage to fashion, again, living lavishly out loud I will share those finds because I need everything you need when you travel.


Often asked, “where could you possibly want to travel to for work next Dana?” That is a loaded question and my bucket list!


Want the most daring and crazy dining stories, tune in here. My daughter was Gluten Free for the longest time(and then things changed, let’s call it a medical diagnosis that was WRONG), my one son has nut, latex, shellfish(and many other allergies), all my kids have asthma while I am a vegetarian.

My son and husband love their carnage, so betwixt us all it is a free-for-all when cooking, dining and eating out but we manage.

Sundays in my home offer a steady fare of carbs and we would have it no other way: Pizza for lunch and Pasta of some form for dinner! I also spend lots of time on Sundays preparing foods for the week, and I often share the recipes with you, so that you can prepare the same things. Being prepared ahead of time lets me keep a bit of sanity..well I try LOL!

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I love to cook, and that might be putting it a little lightly, you can find me cooking up a storm, testing out new appliances, gadgets, and foods on my YouTube.

However, there are days each week, I just need a little time out of the kitchen and lavishly being pampered and that is where you will find me dining in restaurants and writing all about it! Thankfully, we dine out often and review restaurants both as a couple and as a family.

We have found so many establishments that can actually work with our dietary constraints whether traveling or just out and about. If you are traveling, you definitely want to read my travel pieces as the traveling with food allergies is no treat but I have found many great destinations, companies and brands offer allergen-friendly dining.

So whether you are in need of food solutions for gluten free, nut free, shellfish free, and latex free, eat meat, or are a vegetarian, I bet you will find a great recipe on my site!

Appliances, trending restaurants, new restaurants or dining options, check here first as I live life in the world of food lavishly out loud!


Storytelling helps to exemplify the great destinations, foods, tech, beauty, fashion and DIY items out there that you might not have heard of before. The extra tours are well-deserved and I only work with those that I selectively choose, that I feel meet my standards and would meet yours.

I am always amazed at all the products and places out there that I never knew about and I can’t wait to live them out loud and share with you. I could always just tell you what there is and what choices there are, but hearing the story is so much more compelling right? I want to know what a place looks like, what something does, is it worth going to etc., and I know my readers(YOU) do too!

Why Giveaways? At current I am not hosting giveaways, but if I do these are fun ways to reward my great, loyal readers. Often companies want my fans and readers to test out what I got to try. I personally think you get the better end of the deal because you just get a gift, I have to actually write to you about mine!(LOL)

CONTACT ME — If you are press, media or marketing, email me directly for my Media Kit and Rates. Are you my readers and want to chat? Fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please know, I get a lot of inbox mail and I do my best to respond within 48 hours. I lavishly live travel, food, fashion, diy out loud so you can find out what the ‘best of’ is. ~Dana

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    Publisher: Dana Vento - Lavishly Living Life Out Loud: Tech, Travel, Food, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle. Seeking spokesperson position. Formerly Known as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom
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    You bet. If you are press, media or marketing, email me directly for my Media Kit and Rates. Are you my readers and want to chat? Fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please know, I get a lot of inbox mail and I do my best to respond within 48 hours. My goal is to educate each of you as consumers on the best places to frequent as families, or individuals. My site is geared to consumer news and information that is designed to help make your life better.
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