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    Many people use their bio to connect with others via all the nonsense that they've been through to date, and I really don't think that's a good way for you to be introduced to me. Pain is the last thing I'd like you to think of when you think of me. There's far more to me than embarrassing stories of slinking off to my Mum's drawers and I'm sure that you are far more interesting than to focus on life's bad points... C'mon, ladies, get ready to burn your boxers, the revolution is about to happen! Think about it... how many things are you in life? Are you a career? A son? A steamy dream of tumultuous sensuality? A fleeting glimpse of something more? Transgendered people are some of the most interesting and colourful people out there. I'm a partner and a business owner, a freedom fighter and an eco-warrior, a beauty consultant, a webmistress, a guitarist, a joker, a raver, a bundle of love and a whole load more on top of being a shining example of how living in the third gender can be a gift if you use your talents. And that's only right now! When I think of all the things I've yet to give to this world, my eyes roll up in ecstasy for the joy of being alive... Transexuals like me have so much to offer, yet it is true that a large part of society's collective psyche does bear certain characteristics. If we look at the UK for example, even the least sensory acute of us can tell that British culture is: Repressed and beaten down to the point where if someone else does something wrong, you apologise for them! Clinging on to former glories only achieved by bullying the weak and raping other countries that based their development around people rather than greed... yeah, that was really great, eh, Britain? We're so proud of you for stealing the Jewel of India, enslaving the African people and forcing Opium upon the Chinese... not to mention your religious wars, abuse of the working classes and utter disrespect for the wisdom of women Unable to adapt easily to the massive changes going on around the world from technology, communications and free speech - rip off Britain isn't just the cost of goods, it's the systematic mental conditioning of a nation to serve fat cat politicians and businessmen without complaint! Who isn't afraid they might lose their job these days or find that corruption will strip them of their pension when they are at their most vulnerable? Bitter and twisted to the point that sarcasm is the usual response to other peoples success - we love to belittle ourselves when we do good! I mean, if you tell me that that good deed you did really was nothing, well let's forget it then! Why do we build people up only to tear them down in the most cruel fashion? What happened to our country's hero for many men, David Beckham, after he wore a hair band and sarong skirt? Were you guilty of pigeon holing him into a category? Similar things can be said for other Western nations and whilst I actually think that the West is a great place to live let's face the facts! We need a collective consciousness change, we, the people born to inherit this earth, the people given the sacred gift of life to treasure, need to liberate ourselves from the many chains that have shackled us from time immemorial. This isn't about people's individual freedom to wear whatever they want, it's about something far greater that affects everyone whatever their gender or sexual preferences. All people, in every country and of every kind are characterised by the same simple principles that make us human. We all want to avoid pain and we all want to find happiness in life. Whether we make the right choices is directly related to how well we know ourselves. Once we know ourselves, we can set about finding our place in life in which we are happy and which doesn't cause pain to us or others. It's fear of rejection, repression of free thought and degradation of anything which doesn't confirm to the norm that has caused so many people, regardless of sexuality, to make such horrendous errors of judgment. It strips us of our confidence, limits us to out-dated pigeon holes of how we should live our lives, and trains us to be trodden on. If you've been doing something for a while and it's still not succeeding in getting you where you want to be, isn't it about time you tried something different? So this my challenge to you all, whatever you colour, age, gender or denomination. Let's challenge the world to move closer to the place you'd give everything to live in. Let's realise that most of the stereotypes we hold about other people are not based around our own personal experiences; they're from media and socially perpetuated myths. Let's raise our standards and see that accepting the world as it is today only serves those who would rather you be kept down. Repression, bigotry and double standards are something that affect everyone, not just transexuals and transvestites. Last century, we saw first the working classes and then women begin their move towards freedom from the oppression of dominating, power-wielding yet cowardly, chauvinistic white male cavemen. Later, the black people and other races broke the chains. In the 1970s gay people were allowed to have a voice and society began to recognise that one facet of a person isn't enough to justify outcasting them. It's now the dawn of a new age in which we can all bathe in sunshine of personal freedom to find ourselves and define the identity that is right for us without fear of discrimination. The revolution has started! Can you imagine the splendour of a world free from fear, free from discrimination, free from oppression? Dare you dream of such forbidden fruit or are you still ensnared by the mass of mind control poured onto us from birth? Are you brave enough to think outside the box, to break the mould, to stand up and be different? If you had no fear about speaking your mind, what would you say to the world? Would you dictate, telling the world how it should be if you were in charge? Or would you run into the streets and tell every man, woman and child how beautiful they and this world we live in are and how great it is that we can all share the fleeting jewel of life free from worry? Dare to dream with me, for dreams do come true and the only person you need to convince to make it a reality is you. As Gandhi so eloquently wrote of life, "Be the change you want to see" I sincerely hope that whoever you are, and whatever you do, whether you are transgendered or not, you'll be able to enjoy the supreme happiness that only comes from knowing yourself. I hope that you can create for yourself a life which is a celebration of your unique colours of humanity. I love sharing my world with you and I hope by opening up and letting you in, we can live as best friends forever. Love, peace and understanding are the birthmarks of real civilisation, Viva la Revolution! Danielle, Founder of Dani's T-Room.com November 2003
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