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David Gonos
Publisher: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball | DavidGonos.com
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    Publisher: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball | DavidGonos.com
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    About David Gonos What is this site? Who is David Gonos? How is he reading my thoughts? … BOOGER! … Dang, how did he know I was going to think, “Booger”? I have been playing Fantasy Sports since 1989, and I’ve been writing online about Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy NASCAR since 2000. The basis of this site is that it seems like everything in my life revolves around Fantasy Sports. I imagine it’s the same with many of you, which really isn’t healthy, but what are you gonna do? I post daily at DavidGonos.com about Fantasy Sports and everything else in my life that has been affected by Fantasy Sports. (Except for poop. Sometimes I write about poop.) My Boring Fantasy Background David GonosI’ve written for several sites, starting with FFInformer.com in 2000, then FantasyRef.com in 2001-03, which is a site I built on my own. I sold that site when I signed on with CBSSportsLine.com, where I ended up writing in all five Fantasy sports for well over five years. During my time at CBS, which is now CBSSports.com, I worked next to some incredibly talented Fantasy writers, including: Tristan Cockcroft (ESPN), Daniel Dobish (RotoExperts), Jamey Eisenberg (CBS), Scott Engel (ESPN, RotoExperts), Sergio Gonzalez (CBS), Eric Mack (SI.com) and Dave Richard (CBS). I moved on from CBS in 2008 to join a start-up called OPENSports.com, where I eventually got to meet and work with several athletes, including O.J. McDuffie, Dennis Rodman and Sean Salisbury. That’s an eclectic group.
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