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Publisher: David Santistevan | A Blog For Worship Leaders & Musicians
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    Publisher: David Santistevan | A Blog For Worship Leaders & Musicians
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    This blog exists to help worship leaders, songwriters, creatives, and church leaders do what they do better. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile the big concert stages with the every day practicality of ministry in the local church. I want to help connect the dots. My writings are brief, practical, and applicable to being a creative leader in the local church today. Thanks for stopping by. I am a Worship Pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA. You may or may not be a worship leader. Even though I gear my writings towards that audience, I write plenty of content on worship, leadership, songwriting, music, and creativity. I typically post 3 times a week. If you’d like, you can subscribe for free to all my posts via RSS or email. My Top Posts If you are new here, you might want to start with some of my most popular posts. Here they are in each category: Worship Leaders Beyond Sunday: A Step by Step Guide To Creating and Sustaining a Vision for Your Worship Team Why I’m Stepping Down From Your Worship Team Are You a Worship Leader or a Worship Pastor? Worship What is the Real Problem With Today’s Evangelical Worship? Confessions Of A Worship Songaholic: What Singing Too Many Songs Taught Me About Worship Are Our Worship Songs Too Romantic? Songwriting Why I May Never Sing Your Worship Songs Use Evernote To Help You Write Songs Why You Should Be Writing Songs For Your Church Music Why I Won’t Hire You As A Musician Why I’m Taking You Off the Worship Team Schedule 10 Habits of Highly Effective Drummers Leadership The Number One Way To Kill Your Pride Why Owning Your Senior Pastor’s Vision Is So Important When Creativity And Church Collide: Helpful Advice From 5 Creative Leaders You can also check out my blog’s archive for a list of every post I’ve written. My Music I have some music you can check out here, or purchase on iTunes and CD Baby. My Contact Information You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.
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