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Publisher: day2day SuperMom - Making Memories
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    Publisher: day2day SuperMom - Making Memories
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    This is me, Marcy. Your average every-day, day-to-day, wanna-be SuperMom just trying to make it through today. What’s the wind beneath my cape, you say? Well it’s my hubbie, my children, my family and my church…oh and Pinterest, oh glorious Pinterest! It’s like my crazy addiction to find these super cool new craft ideas, recipes, kid activities, prepper projects, gardening tricks & health tips…. and Pin-Pocket them! You know, steal someones else’s ideas to try it out for myself! Well not just for myself, but you too. See, I’m super! Well, at least I play one on my blog. Ok, so for some juicy details… We had one amazing Alaskan honeymoon cruise that led to my 5th bundle of joy! The origin of her middle name ‘June’ (short for Juneau), will remain a mystery to her until further notice. Being an April baby, she might wonder one day ya know…. Then we thought we’d try for just one more. Before we even finished our thought on this BAM ~ twins! My hubbie will never let me live down responding to the ultrasound tech with “Shut up!” when she asked if twins ran in our family. Ok so I’m married, have some kiddo’s, so what! Any other credentials you say? Well, in my 30+ years of life I’ve found that I love to teach! At 17 I was teaching aerobics & step classes, became a SCUBA instructor while working my way through college, worked as a substitute teacher before having my first baby, opened my own preschool & daycare while I stayed home with him, became a certified Sign With Your Baby teacher next, yada yada yada, now I have this blog thing. I’ve been a working mom, a foster mom, a single mom and a stay-at-home mom (my fav kinda mom). I’ve felt overwhelming joy’s and battled crushing lows. And through all this I’ve learned to just be me, enjoy my life, and be grateful for all the tiny everyday blessings in life… for they are what makes life beautiful! Feel free to leave a comment below, go to my Contact Page here or email me at day2daySuperMom@hotmail.com
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