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    Explore our advertising platforms at DIB. We offer the best and affordable advertising opportunities. While we most prefer to feature ads that are relevant to the technology, mobile and web industries, adverts relating to business, corporate and social life are also welcomed. Some of the Companies that have advertised with us directly or indirectly include 2go, Samsung mobile, Chelsea Youth Football Club Campaign, Lifebuoy soap, IBM, Frontline Multimedia, Hello Foods, Jumia etc. DIB is currently ranked among the best websites in Nigeria offering engaging news in Science and technology, Business, New media. We offer a variety of ad spaces, formats and sizes. You can Email for further enquiries and request our ad rate card. We offer subsidized rate for startups and small businesses. Banner Ads Leaderboard (728 x 90), a dominant ad, at the top right. Side banner (250 x 250), a bold ad spot, by the side that will get your brand noticed. For more information, kindly contact 08138325463 or email dayo_bty@yahoo.comto request our brochure and ad rate card Sponsored Posts Sponsored posts or advertorials are usually in the form of an article (200 – 400 words) written by us or by the advertiser, it contains a photo or video post about your startup, product or service. They are clearly marked ‘Sponsored Post’. We help you provide in-depth analysis and opinion for our audience, users and potential consumers. CONTACT US TODAY AND HAVE YOUR BUSINESSES PROMOTED.
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