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Publisher: The Delta News Web -- Facts, News, Opinions and More from Delta Junction, Alaska
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    Publisher: The Delta News Web -- Facts, News, Opinions and More from Delta Junction, Alaska
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    1. Sponsor ads This is your most visible advertising mechanism for reaching the Delta market. These advertisements will usually be shown over 500 times per day, every day. The rate is $200 per year, just a little over $16 per month. Here's what you get: - A simple and effective 125 X 125 pixel graphic advertisement that is visible in rotation on the home page. The advertisements change each time the page is viewed (press refresh and watch the advertisements change). - The sponsor ad will always be listed in text form on the home page, classified ads page, and the business directory at all times with hyperlinks to your website. - The banner ad will also be posted on the classified ads page at all times, with the top ad moving to the bottom each day with updates. - Your ad will link to your existing website, or, if you don't have a website, I can provide a simple hosted web page for you. To do a web page, it is your responsibility to supply all the text. If you can't take your own photos, I will come and take photos. The rate for a one page web ad is $50 to set it up. If you want updates done on your page after it set up, my rate is $25 per hour. - If you would like to have a sponsor advertisement on the Delta community information website, the cost is an additional $52 per year for each category, and includes a banner ad on both websites AND a text advertisement in the business directory. 2. Classified ads Classified ads are free. If you want a premium ad the cost is $12/week, $30/month, $60/three months. Hyperlinks are permitted. You will get colored text, bold print and a photo that will click into a larger image or your website. I only accept cash, checks or money orders, or paypal. Please use the submission form to send your ad. 3. Hosted Web Sites If you have a local provider, they give you 10MB of free webserver space to utilize. When I build a web page for you, it can be uploaded to your local provider for free. If you choose to go with this option, there is no fee for web hosting. If you do not want to use your free webhosting with your provider, your website can be hosted by Alaska-Highway.org for $50 a year. 4. Business/Directory ads Directory ads are free to be listed on the local businesses page. If you would like to have your business listed, please send an email with the name of the business, the telephone number and what category(s) you would like to be listed under. The ads on this page that are bold print with a hyperlink are for the Delta News Web sponsors only. 5. Banner ads on the Classified Ads Page at the Top The banner ad the top of the page will cost $275 a year and it will be in rotation if there are more than 1 at a time. This cost can be prorated if you only need to run your ad for a couple of months. The dimensions of this ad is 728 x 90 pixel graphic. 6. Listing Your event on the Community Calendar If you want to post your own events and be able to edit them, call me at 895-4919 or email with a userid and password, so an account can be set up for you. If you don't want an account, just send your event to the above address and it will be posted free of charge. 7. Community News Please send an email with your news and photos and it will be posted free of charge. Not all events will be published in the community news, but placed on the calendar. How to Place An Advertisement E-mail me at webeditor@deltanewsweb.com or you can call me at 1 (907) 895-4919 with your requirements. I reserve the right to reject advertising which in my opinion does not meet the needs of the Delta Junction community. Please note that these rates are subject to change.
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