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    Publisher: Diamond Jewelry Pedia - The Knowledge Warehouse
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    My name is Megha Agrawal and as a jewelry designer, I have been working on freelancing assignments with various reputed jewelers of Surat, India. My attraction towards diamond and quest to learn led me to other practical and technical aspects of diamond jewelry, like - manufacturing and grading of diamonds. I have been designing jewelry for quite some years, and it has really been a very good learning curve. It’s my passion towards diamond jewelry that actually made me sit with Kaarigars (craftsmen), and fortunate enough that they helped me in learning the intricacies of jewelry making. Having closely watched the craftsmen working on diamonds, I have seen how a diamond is set in jewelry and how its beauty and value goes up after being set in jewelry. Objective of Diamond Jewelry Pedia I have always believed in sharing my knowledge and experience I have gained from working. There are lots of things (including the basics) that a common person doesn’t know about diamond, which is not at all unusual. Due to this, it’s quite common to make the wrong choice while purchasing diamond. This seed of thought led me and my husband to build a website that allowed me to pour all my knowledge and experience of jewelry industry to educate our readers. So, primary objective of Diamond Jewelry Pedia is to share the knowledge and keep our valuable readers informed and updated with regards to various aspects of this industry. You can be rest assured that information provided will be accurate and to the best of my knowledge. I have also authored the book "Guide to Explore Engagement Ring Options - Buy the Right Ring!". It’s very important for you to be aware of different element of diamond and jewelry while you are on a jewelry buying trip. This will enable you can make a intelligent and satisfying purchase. Diamond being a big-ticket purchase, this knowledge will help you getting worth of your hard earned money. I hope this site gives you a information-filled experience. If you are familiar and aware of even small facts that influence the price and quality of jewelry, then I’m sure you will make the best possible decisions. Your feedback and suggestions will help me learn further and improvise on our website which will benefit other readers as well. So, keep learning.
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