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Publisher: Disney World & Disneyland Photos, Food Reviews, Planning Guide & Trip Reports
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    Publisher: Disney World & Disneyland Photos, Food Reviews, Planning Guide & Trip Reports
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    We make the trek to Walt Disney World and Disneyland multiple times per year, and have also visited Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort. (Next stop, Shanghai Disneyland!) While experiencing attractions matters to us, we approach trips from a more laid back perspective since we’ve been so many times. We enjoy the art of the Disney theme parks, fine dining, and the exceptional ambiance that makes Disney theme parks so much more than just simple amusement parks or kiddie parks. In contrast to our relaxed touring style during the day, we stay up until ridiculous hours at night so Tom can photograph the parks and resorts. Tom usually gets right back up for sunrise and more photos. Yes, a bit crazy and obsessive about Disney photography, indeed. By the way, all photos on this blog are by me (Tom). If you’re interested in purchasing Disney photo prints for your office or restroom, check out some recommendations and tips I have (and where you can just download my photos for free). Prior to meeting one another, we traveled separately to Walt Disney World, taking yearly trips as children beginning in the mid-1980s. In 2007 during our Christmas trip, we got engaged on the beach of Disney’s Polynesian Resort during the Christmas Wishes fireworks. In 2010, we honeymooned and did our first stay as Disney Vacation Club members at the BoardWalk Villas and Old Key West Resort. Since 2006, we have dined at nearly every counter service and table service restaurant at Walt Disney World, and have stayed in nearly every Disney-owned hotel. You can read about our various travels in our Disney trip reports. Good bedtime reading material that’ll put you right to sleep! When not traveling, we reside in a mundane flyover state, where we are parents to a miniature dachshund named Walter, and a warrior-cat named Yossarian The Cat. Yossarian The Cat is the most brilliant cat to ever grace the face of the earth, and his dashing good looks frequently melt the hearts of lady-cats the world over. Walter is…uh…a regular dog.
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