Self-serve Advertising Platform: Dispop is a self-serve display and retargeting platform
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Dispop is a self-serve display and retargeting platform which allows businesses to launch and manage effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and the web in the easiest possible way. By taking a unique approach to creative optimization, fresh banner ads are continuously injected into campaigns by an army of professional designers

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    Self-serve Advertising Platform: Dispop is a self-serve display and retargeting platform
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    Retarget Lost Customers Boost ROI and bring back customers who visited your site and didn’t place an order. By placing a tag on your website you can segment customers based on pages and products they viewed and show them your targeted ads. For example: a customer who visited your tennis gear website, but did not buy a tennis racket will see your ads on the web and Facebook showcasing your rackets. Retargeting is the most effective way to lift your campaign with results reaching 12X for every dollar invested. Target New Customers Target new customers and drive up sales by using advanced targeting methods to pinpoint potential customers. For example: an online tennis store will show its banner ads to females from California, aged 25 to 40, interested in tennis, browsing through sites related to sports. With tens of billions of available ad impressions a month, direct display targeting is a cost effective way to reach a vast customer base tailored to your specific requirements. Launch in minutes Our easy to use self-serve platform lets you setup and manage your display campaigns in just a few steps. Even if you’ve never setup a campaign in your life, you’ll figure it out with Dispop in a matter of minutes Access over 900 bil ad impressions Access 90% of users on the web and reach potential customers across countless websites. Creative optimization & A/B testing Our army of designers will design your ads and optimize them to drive clicks and conversions. Our A/B testing engine will determine which ads are working best and our designers will replace underperforming ads. Expert support Our in-house ad operations team is here for you and is available to answer any question you may have. They’ll even help you setup and manage your campaigns. Advanced tracking Dispop is built upon a real time bidding platform which allows you to track campaign performance in real time. State of the art technology Dispop is built on the newest systems in the ad tech industry, giving small businesses the same tools industry giants have in their hands.
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